Best neighborhoods in Bogotá: Los Rosales

Los Rosales, Bogotá

Every city has its posh residential areas; those where you can find houses or flats for a very expensive price, although most of the time, it’s worth it. Los Rosales neighborhood in Bogotá is one of them. A major part of its charm resides in the fact that it has a variety of activities and places within its immediate surroundings where you can have an amazing experience.

Los Rosales is located in the northeast of Bogotá from Calle 78 (78th Street) to Calle 83 (83rd Street), and between Carrera Primera (1st Avenue) and Carrera Séptima (7th Avenue and one of the principal and most important avenues in Bogotá; read our article How to Use the Main Streets in Bogotá as a Navigation Guide). It’s part of the locality of Chapinero (read my article Best areas to stay in Bogotá: Chapinero, the locality) and is home to  some hotels, banks, restaurants and shops, including, of course, numerous residential buildings. In general, Los Rosales is an expensive zone to live in, and it’s actually pretty small, but this should not at all be a reason  to keep you from going, because you can also find cool things to do within its immediate surroundings, which are totally budget friendly.

What to do in Los Rosales and its surroundings:

Map of Rosales

1. Though it’s entirely urbanized, Los Rosales enjoys a beautiful and natural surrounding because it’s located right next to the Eastern Hills (considered to be the background curtain of Bogotá). Therefore, there are parks and streams that run through the area. One of the most famous is Quebrada La Vieja (La Vieja Stream), very often used for ecological and sporting activities. You can hike to the top for free; it’s open from 5:00am to 9:00pm on weekdays, and from 6:30am to 11:00pm on weekends, although the best time to go is in the morning because there are a lot of people and you’ll never be alone (it’s better to go with a friend). People enjoy going to La Vieja because it just takes about ten minutes to go from an urban atmosphere to a completely natural one, away from the noise of the city. The entrance is located at Calle 71 (71st Street) and Carrera Cuarta (Fourth Avenue). Bring comfortable clothes and shoes because the hike will take between one and two hours.

Quebrada La Vieja path

2. Los Rosales is packed with luxurious residential (both modern and classical) buildings, so it’s always a great idea to enjoy a nice walk admiring the architecture. Pay attention to the details, and the design and use of public versus private space. This is a neighborhood where people invest in real estate because it’s one of the most valuable spots in Bogotá (read our article Living in Colombia: How the Strata System Works), meaning that the cost per square meter is very high. But hey, walking around and enjoying the views is completely free, plus the atmosphere is really peaceful and not as loud as other parts of the city. So go on, I promise it’s worth it!

Los Rosales Street View

3. If you are in Los Rosales head south to la Zona G (G Zone) where you can enjoy very nice restaurants  (some expensive, some more budget friendly ) It’s just a five to ten minute walk away. You can try Crepes Artesano (, Archies (, and Oliveto ( It’s also a good area to grab  brunch and/or have a coffee. Try Amor Perfecto ( to enjoy an amazing experience.  And don’t forget to walk around and have a taste of the nice atmosphere Zona G offers!

4. If you would like to go to shopping or to the movies, the closest and very nice shopping mall is Avenida Chile (; just walk to Calle 72 (72nd Street) and head west till you see it. This is such a nice and underrated mall in Bogotá because it’s not that crowded, but it has some of the best local design shops, and they screen very good independent and commercial movies (even opera) for the most affordable prices. If you would like to have a nice cultural experience, pay a visit.

centro comercial avenida chile

5.  La Calle de los Anticuarios, located at Calle 79B (79B Street) between Carrera Séptima (7th Avenue) and Carrera Novena (9th Avenue) is also a great choice if you want to do some shopping combined with sightseeing. However, the exciting and interesting thing about this street is the architecture (most of it is considered cultural heritage), which remains almost unchanged in the present. It hosts antique shops (this is how the street got its name) with numerous curious and cool things to buy. From lamps to furniture and bicycles, there are many interesting things you can find here. Ah, and if you want to enjoy a coffee in a wonderful atmosphere, head to Casa Santamaría ( at Calle 79B # 7-38.

Los Rosales shows a part of Bogotá’s reality and culture, which is also important to understand and know. Moreover, although it’s very close to some of the main roads in Bogotá, the overall relaxed atmosphere and the proximity to the Eastern Hills makes it a very nice place to stay. Don’t leave this neighborhood and its proximities off your must-see list!

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