The best neighborhoods to live in Bogotá: Colina Campestre

Centro Comercial Portoalegre

This is a neighborhood that has it all: a place where families have been living for years and where the gastronomical and shopping experience has become better than ever. If you want to get a sense of how the working person lives in Bogotá, you should look no further than Colina Campestre. 

If you want to get a sense of how real families live in Bogotá, then Colina Campestre is the place to visit. Unlike some other places (like downtown), this neighborhood, located in the north of the city, is always buzzing; not only on weekdays but also on the weekends. It is filled with people in the streets, shopping malls, teenagers walking around, and kids playing in the parks.

General Information

Located in the northeast of the city between Avenida Boyacá and Avenida Las Villas and Calle 134 to Calle 146, the neighborhood is right next to some very important streets and highways where you can reach the north exit of the city within 20 minutes and the city center in 45 minutes via transmilenio. The neighborhood is mostly residential, so there are no hotels or embassies around, but it’s filled with very convenient shops where you can find everything you need, from all the popular grocery stores to 3 malls (San Rafael, Parque la Colina, and Portoalegre) that are walking distance from each other, to a Decathlon (the largest sporting goods retailer in the world) and two transmilenio stations at a 10 minute walk from each other.

Map Colina Campestre
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Demographics and cost of living 

Colina Campestre is a regular pick for families and people who are looking to settle down a bit far away from their office. This area has a lot of kindergartens, big grocery stores, bars, malls, and restaurants, so you don’t need to go somewhere else during the weekend; everything you need is a few steps away from home!

In terms of living in Colina Campestre, most of its areas are categorized as estrato 4 & 5, which means that the utility bills are fairly reasonable in comparison to other zones, like Chi and Rosales. Also, due to its location that is a bit far from the center and the factories, rent is way cheaper, so you can find a really nice flat for less money.

Things to do

Colina Campestre is a neighborhood that has it all, from pubs that serve really nice finger food and handcrafted beers, like BBC, to the regular food chains everyone knows to a fantastic and huge mall called Parque la Colina, which has some amazing stores, great cinemas, and a well-recommended high-end food court called Social, which features some of Bogota’s best restaurants in a really nicely done “New York food market-style” space with live music on the weekends.

The mall’s social food court
© Photograph by Parque La Colina

For a reason I cannot seem to understand, this neighborhood also has a lot of hair salons and nail bars where you can try a different one for months until you find the right fit. It is really common to see loads of people getting their nails done on Sundays and it is fairly cheap (a mani and pedi combo can cost on average $10 USD/$35,000 COP).

Also, if you like going to the movies as much as I do, you can find 3 theatres in less than a mile radius. If you want a low budget kind of plan, you can go to Cine Colombia Portoalegre on a Tuesday or Wednesday and purchase half-price tickets for around $4 USD/$13,500 COP. If you just got paid and feel like treating yourself to a posh cinema experience, you can go to Cinemark in Parque La Colina and buy a ticket to their Premier Room for $9.20 USD/$31,000 COP, where you can get access to the most comfortable chairs you can think of (they are like beds) and treat yourself to a special menu that has everything from pizza and burgers to smoothies and other amazing food you cannot imagine eating in the cinema, like ceviche or empanadas – all delivered to your seat by a nice staff member!

Overall, I think it’s safe to say that Colina Campestre is a great neighborhood where you can find the right balance of city comfort, but in a very nice, familiar environment. If you are considering moving to this place, you can be sure that you will have a more authentic local experience and loads of fun on Sundays! If you are living in Bogotá and want to explore other fantastic places, you should visit Colina Campestre and keep visiting Colture for more information on Bogotá’s neighborhoods!

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