Where to stay in Bogotá: meet La Calera!

Where to stay in Bogotá

La Calera is a place where people relax from Bogotá. You will find many outdoor activities and amazing places to stay. Here, I give you a few of them!

Whether you are going for a relaxing weekend from the city of Bogotá or just going for an extreme sports trip with an amazing landscape, La Calera is my first option because it’s so close to Bogotá (about 40 min). There are multiple roads to get there, so traffic isn’t an excuse and the cost will vary depending on the transportation you go for.  I normally use Uber and return to the city on a public bus.   The total round-trip is around 48.000 COP, which is approx. $16 USD. Regarding the weather, it’s normally cold, but because of where it’s located, you will find time when it isn’t too cold to do some extreme sports or even go to a waterfall!

Due to the landscape of La Calera, there are diverse options for visitors to stay: hostels, cabins, camping, hotels and even crazy places like a bus, which you can find on Airbnb, are available. So go ahead and keep reading to figure out which place is best suited for you!

Quick Tip: This year the Mayor has been working on the expansion of the road Bogotá-Sopó, so be aware of the traffic that you could encounter find.
Where to stay in Bogotá
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For backpackers and adventurers!

If you are looking for a place to sleep for a low cost, a hostel is the right choice for you. In La Calera, you will find an infinite number of places, including some with themed decorations. Everything will depend on the reason you are visiting. For example: if you want a private room with a romantic vibe for you and your partner, I recommend Hostal San Rafael, which has an amazing view of the reservoir and delicious homemade foods. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a different experience or continue your adventurous trip, you can find themed hostels on Airbnb where you can stay on a bus, a car or even inside a plane (all restored with the basic accommodations, obviously!) or places to go camping.

Quick Tip: If you like to bike or ride motorcycles, La Calera is the perfect place to do it, especially on Sundays!

For groups or family vacations!

On the internet you can find many places where to stay, like cabins, hotels and Airbnbs, where many of them not only offer a room, but also other services, like transportation, firepits, bbq, pools and outdoor activities into the forest and waterfalls, which is a great deal for groups. But if you ask me, in addition to an all-included package, I prefer a beautiful cabin on the mountain, where you can do anything in the time you have, without taking time away from the things that you normally do on vacation. And also it’s cheaper than a hotel! What I like about renting an entire place is that you have a big list to choose from: you can stay in a regular wood cabin or maybe if you want to encourage your kids to be among nature and try a new experience, renting a treehouse should be your choice!

For romantics and honeymooners!

Looking for relaxing days surrounded by a mountainous landscape? La Calera has places to stay where you and your partner can be perfectly spoiled.

Maybe you are looking for luxurious accommodation. If you are, you should visit “La Casa del Agua” (The Water House). They offer spa and breakfast in bed, and even special decoration for any celebration. If you are not into luxury things and want a more Colombian home-like experience in a magical colonial architecture house, there is the famous “Observatorio de Colibríes” (Hummingbirds Observatory) where you can wake up surrounded by more than 14 free hummingbirds species, all while having a homemade breakfast in your bed.

Quick Tip: Colombia is the country that has the most hummingbirds species in the world! So whether you choose to sleep here or not, it’s still a reason for tourists to visit!

I hope you find what you were looking for for your weekend break!

We personally love to visit La Calera. I use anything for an excuse to go on weekends with friends, family or with my husband to enjoy the weather in a cozy place (like I mentioned before) and eat at one of my favorite meat restaurants, El Tambor, before going back to Bogotá. Going to La Calera is a must if you are in Bogotá!

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Remember that Bogotá is in an amazing location, so you can find places with cold and hot weather in its surroundings.

Now, do you know where you should stay in La Calera? Comment below which one will you go for or if you know any place to recommend to us and share it!

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