Your guide to a night out in Bogotá’s Zona Rosa, enjoy!

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Zona Rosa is the nightlife hub in Bogota, located in the southern half of the city. The border of this party district is marked by Calles 79 and 85, and Carreras 11 and 15 (see map below). Within those boundaries, you can find a wide variety of restaurants, clubs, bars, and even casinos where you can stay out having fun until the sun rises again the next day. It’s a fun area just to explore, particularly if you’re a bar-hopping sort. But below are a few of our specific recommendations for a night out in Zona Rosa. 

Zona Rosa's location in Bogotá
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Local Beverages

A great way to start your evening in Zona Rosa is with a taste of local brews. Somewhat surprisingly compared to 10 years ago, Colombia’s craft beer scene is catching on, and you can take advantage of this in Zona Rosa. One way to do so is via a Colombian craft beer tasting at Bogota Beer Company. Another place we’d recommend grabbing a drink, where there are various happy hour promotions, is called Yumi Yumi. There, you’ll even find cocktails made with fresh fruit native to Colombia, making the bar feel particularly unique. 

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Casino Games

Located at the edge of the district on Calle 84 is Luckia Bogota, the casino with the biggest poker room in the entire city. This spot also has all the classic games you could want, including a wide variety of slot machines. Many international travel destinations are beginning to prioritize online platforms when it comes to casinos. Such platforms, from New Zealand to Europe, make it easy to read casino reviews, possible to sift through massive game libraries, and simply convenient to play. Unlike so many destinations though, Colombia has made no such move, and in Bogota, casinos are still quite common. That means Luckia Bogota in Zona Rosa isn’t necessarily unique in the city – but it may be the biggest and best option, and as the bars in the area, it’s open all night. 

Luckia Bogotá
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One of the most famous nightlife attractions in Zona Rosa is called Gringo Tuesdays, hosted by the Vintrash bar and nightclub. This international party happens every Tuesday, and aims to bring people from all over the world together with its “language exchange.” This event serves as a casual workshop during which visitors teach each other some basics of their native language, all while enjoying delicious drinks. It’s a peculiar but special event – though on any other night Vintrash is every bit as fun, with multiple dance floors and game rooms designed to keep the party going all night long. 

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It’s important to note that Zona Rosa is a more upscale district for going out, meaning it’s sometimes a bit pricier than other party neighborhoods in Bogota (such as Chapinero). With that said, however, even if you don’t want to spend money on expensive drinks or casino games it can still be fun to dress up for a classy night out and simply hang out with friends in the area and pace yourself. Luxurious spots like Pravda, where they have 30 different types of martinis in addition to a fondue menu, can make for ideal places to relax without racking up a major bar tab around the district. 

Overall, Bogota has really climbed to the top when it comes to nightlife destinations in South America – primarily thanks to the several street blocks that make up Zona Rosa. As demonstrated by the attractions mentioned and alluded to above, this neighborhood will have something for you no matter what sort of night out you’re looking for. 

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