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Best Christmas lights in Bogotá, Colombia: “Ruta Navideña”

Best Christmas Lights in Bogotá

Every year during Christmas time, Bogotá is adorned with wonderful lights around the city. Big trees, angels, candy canes, stars, and more are the symbols of this time of year. In Colombia, we have a tradition of going to some places in the city to walk around and see the Christmas lights; this is called “Ruta Navideña,” or the Christmas route. In this article, you’ll get a look at some of the best Christmas lights in Bogotá, so you know where to go.

This year, the route includes 14 kilometers of roads and 150,000 square meters of parks and other areas that are illuminated for the viewing pleasure of “Bogotanos” and tourists.


Monserrate hill
© Photograph by /

Between the eastern hills and about 3,152 meters (10,341 feet) above the sea level, you can find one of the most emblematic symbols of Bogotá: the beautiful Monserrate. It’s a church that was constructed in 1925 and since then, every year, they light it up for Christmas with incredible decorations. This display is based on important figures and inspired by the Colombian Christmas traditions that highlight the beautiful surroundings, which people from miles around come to see during Christmas Time. (See: Monserrate lights up in December and you can’t miss it!)

The price to take the cable car round trip per person is $20.000 COP ($7 USD approx) from Monday to Saturday till 10:30 pm. On Sundays, the ticket round trip is $12.000 ($3 USD approx.) before 5:30 pm, and between 5:30 and 8:30 pm, is $20.000 COP again.

What do I have to know?

Special events at Monserrate:

  • December 16th, 2019:
  • 18:00 -> the start of “Novenas”
  • December 16th- 23th
  • “Novenas” at 18:00, 19:30, and 21:00

Plaza de Bolívar “Bolívar Square”

Best Christmas Lights in Bogotá
© Photograph by /

In the heart of the beautiful Bogotá, you can find Bolívar square, the main plaza of the city. In this square, you can find the Palace of Justice (Palacio de Justicia), Lievano Palace (Palacio del Liévano), National Capitol (Capitolio Nacional) and the First Cathedral of Bogotá (Catedral Primada de Bogotá). Every year, this square is decorated in a marvelous way, but the most amazing part is the show; this year is called “El sueño de San Isidrio” by the French company La Maison Production, playing tribute to 200 years of Colombia’s independence, while also celebrating the richness and diversity of our country.

What do I have to know?

The show is totally free and the dates are

  • December 15th to December 23th
  • Schedule: 19:00, 20:15, and 21:00

Hacienda Santa Barbara & Usaquén

Best Christmas Lights in Bogotá
© Photograph via Instagram by erikatakagi

Hacienda Santa Barbara Mall & Usaquén are some of the best places to go, shop, eat, walk, and see the beautiful lights that decorate the streets. This Christmas, the mall wants to provide a space that’s more than just a party, but a place to gather with friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy the best of Christmas. If you want to know some of the best restaurants in this neighborhood see Restaurants In Usaquén, Bogotá: “The best ten on my list!and if you want to know more about Santa Barbara, see Best Neighborhoods in Bogotá: Santa Bárbara

What do I have to know?

Hacienda Santa Barbara Shopping Center puts a DJ at the main entrance located on “Carrera Séptima.” If you want to know how to get around in Bogotá, see “How to Use the Main Streets in Bogotá as a Navigation Guide”.

  • December 16th: the start of the famous “Novena”
  • December 29th: Pilgrimage to Usaquén to give thanks for everything that happened during this year

Parque Simón Bolívar “Simon Bolivar Park”

Christmas stars
© Photograph via Instagram by Felipe Portela

The Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park is one of the oldest and most important parks in Bogotá. This is a place where you can play soccer with your friends, walk, go camping (just during the day), have a picnic, and so much more. This beautiful park has a huge lake where you can go canoeing and boating as well.  Due to its important location in the middle of the city, every year, it’s decorated with amazing lights, so you can go in the evening and have a good time with your friends and family. Also, close to this stunning park, there is one of the best neighborhoods in Bogotá, called “Ciudad Salitre.” If you want to learn more about it, see Best Neighborhoods in Bogotá: Ciudad Salitre”.

What do I need to know?

The park has free entrance.

Chorro de Quevedo & La Candelaria

Christmas Lights
© Photograph by

The Quevedo square today is one of the landmarks of the historic center of Bogotá. This place has a magical history filled with many stories about La Candelaria’s beautiful streets (see “Best Neighborhoods in Bogotá: Why Stay in La Candelaria). So definitely, this is one of the places you can’t miss. You will find handicrafts, storytellers, and excellent restaurants to enjoy the Christmas route in the historic center of Bogotá.

These are some of the best places to go and see Christmas lights in Bogotá. For me, all of these places are amazing, beautiful, and for sure you can feel the Colombian Christmas vibes in each place. Probably my favorite place to go is Monserrate because it’s just stunning. If you go, make sure that you drink a “canelazo” with cheese.

Read our article about how to prepare for Christmas in Colombia as an expat here.

Thank you for reading and remember to comment below if you go to any of these places, or any other places that you loved. Continue exploring our amazing city and follow us on Facebook & Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.

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