Where to study Spanish in Bogotá (university edition)

Spanish in Bogotá

We have already told you about institutes where you can learn Spanish in Colombia. In this article, we will focus on Spanish learning programs for foreigners offered by Universities or graduate schools located in our country’s capital. Give yourself the chance to learn Spanish in Bogotá while enrolling as a student at a top university in our beloved city. Also, if you need to certify your proficiency in Spanish, these institutions will provide you with the information and preparation for international standardized tests. Check the information, location, dates, and rates of any of these programs and choose the best one for you.

Javeriana University

Spanish in Bogotá
Javeriana’s campus in Chapinero.
© Photograph by @UniJaveriana in Twitter

The Javeriana University (Pontifical Xaverian University) is one of the oldest and most traditional Universities in Bogota. It was founded in 1623 by the Society of Jesus (an International Catholic order) and since then, it has been one of the highest-rated universities in our country. Its campus is located in Chapinero, right next to the National Park. For this reason, it is a good option to live the experience of being a student in the heart of the city. They even offer a house-searching service for international students that helps you find a room in the house of a local student. If you enroll as a student, you will have access to all the facilities and services on campus (libraries, gym, conferences, lectures, and more).

Its Spanish for Foreigners Program has existed for more than 50 years, which gives them a lot of experience. It is offered by the Latin American Centre at the School of Language and Communication. The program offers 12 different levels (that correspond to the proficiency levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1 to C2) in different modalities. Each level takes approximately a month (from 50-80 hours in total) and can be taken in groups or individually. The cost varies depending on the type of class you decide to take. To get enrolled, you should take a placement test to know which level is the most appropriate for you. A week after taking the test, you will be informed of the time and place of your classes. Also, they have preparation courses for the DELE exam, an international certification of Spanish proficiency exam offered by the Cervantes Institute that can be taken at the very same Javeriana University.

National University

Spanish in Bogotá
Stadium at the National University Campus.
© Photograph by @UNColombia in Twitter

The National University of Colombia is the biggest and the best public university in Colombia. Its campus is also the biggest one in Bogota: a vast forest in the middle Teusaquillo, 15 minutes away from Chapinero and 30 minutes away from the airport. It is called University City or White City because many of its buildings are all white and because it is a city on its own. There, you will have the chance to share with people from many different social and geographical backgrounds. Also, you will see a lot of social and political movements in action.

Their program, offered by the School of Human Sciences, is made up of 4 different courses that correspond to the first three levels of the CEFR (A1 to B1). Each course takes about two months (60 hours per month) from Monday to Thursday in the afternoon. The prices and enrollment procedures can be found here.

Los Andes University

Mario Laserna Building at Uniandes’ campus.
© Photograph by @uniandes Twitter

The University of los Andes is one of the highest ranked universities in Latin America. It was founded 70 years ago, and it is located in the upper part of the historic downtown. If you have already been to Monserrate, you surely have walked by this University. It has students’ residences right next to the campus, so you would not have to worry about transportation and housing. Also, as a student, you have access to all the facilities and services of the university (libraries, gym with a pool, cultural and scholar events, and so on).

Its Spanish in Bogotá for foreigners’ program has two modalities: biannual or summer school. The biannual option takes time during the regular semester of the school (from January to June and August to December), While the summer school is a more intensive version during June and July. The biannual options have 5 levels (from A1 to C1) while the summer school has only three (basic, medium and intermediate). Also, you must take a placement test (that can be done via skype) to define which level is for you. All the information can be found here.

Caro y Cuervo Institute

Jose Rufino Cuervo square in la Candelaria. Cuervo was an important linguist and researcher on Bogotan Spanish during the 19th century. © Photograph by @urbanfoko in Instagram

The Caro y Cuervo Institute is a public graduate school and research institute affiliated with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia. It was founded in 1942 and its mission is to safeguard the linguistic heritage of Colombia. Its research focuses mainly on linguistics (not only of Spanish but also of the indigenous languages) and literature. It is located in the heart of La Candelaria, two blocks away from Bolivar Square in an enormous Republican House.

Its program offers 6 courses to complete the 5 first levels of the CEFR (A1 to C1). Each course lasts approximately 1 month. The costs vary depending on the number of students registered. The lessons are complemented with cultural activities such as cultural visits to historic parts of the city. Additionally, you can certify your proficiency in Spanish with the SIELE exam that can be taken in the Institute.

Each university has its own vibrant community that is willing to make you part of it. Also, there is no doubt that these schools are the most qualified for your learning process. So, give yourself the chance to explore the city the way college students do and learn the best Spanish in Bogotá.

If you want to practice Spanish with locals or other foreigners, go to Gringo Tuesdays and enjoy a nice language exchange and a Latino party! Read about it here.

Here at Colture, we have all the information you need to complement your experience with lots of activities and places to go to. Check them out!

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