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Gringo Tuesdays: language exchange and party in Bogotá

© Photograph by Gringo Tuesdays

To understand and learn a new language, it is always important to interact with locals and other people in general. If you are in Bogotá and looking forward to meeting cool people while practicing Spanish (or, in fact, any other language), then look no further! The answer to your wishes is Gringo Tuesdays and here we’ll explain why!

What is better than practicing a new language, meeting amazing people from all over the world, and enjoying a great Latino party in Bogotá? That’s exactly what Gringo Tuesdays is all about and you, dear reader (whether you are a tourist or a local), shouldn’t miss it for the world. In fact, these language exchanges are a great way to improve your proficiency in any language without necessarily having to rely on a specific syllabus or activity (though this is important as well). Moreover, Bogotá, as the biggest and most important city in Colombia, offers a diverse culture and intense, amazing learning experiences. So, seize the opportunity to practice Spanish, dance like there’s no tomorrow, and enjoy a great time at Gringo Tuesdays!


The idea of an international language exchange and party in Bogotá was in Tiffany (American), Alex, (Welsh) and Travis’s (Australian) head for a couple of years until 2011, when they were finally able to officially organize it as it’s known today. They all arrived in Colombia back in the 2010s and never left; they fell in love with the country and its people, and so, they stayed. But they did have a hard time finding locals with whom they could practice Spanish, partly because of the country’s social situation which was still a bit difficult at the time.

The trio started organizing a few meetings with some friends where they were able to practice and enjoy a good time. These informal meetings became regular until they managed to start hosting it at La Villa in Bogotá, which was the event’s house for about seven years. And so, they all realized that the idea of a language exchange made learning Spanish fun and simple, with less pressure than in an actual classroom.

Today, Gringo Tuesdays is very popular, not only among foreigners, ex-pats, and tourists but among locals who like to practice a particular language as well. 

How does it work?

Gringo Tuesdays
© Photograph by Gringo Tuesdays

The idea of Gringo Tuesday’s is very simple. Once you arrive, just find a table with the flag and level of the language you want to practice (beginners, intermediate, advanced), sit down, and start chatting and practicing! You’ll find tables for Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, etc. Each table hosts around five to ten people and you can have collective or one-on-one conversations. There are also coordinators that ensure that there are at least two locals or native speakers on the tables.

The language exchange runs for a while before it’s time for the staff to move the tables and chairs and start a super awesome Latino party until 2:30 am! It’s a lot of fun and you’ll also get a chance to meet many other people while dancing the night away!

When? Where?

Gringo Tuesdays is currently hosted at Vintrash Bar (Calle 85 No. 11-53) every Tuesday (surprise!) from 4:00 pm to 2:30 am. The language exchange is between 4:00 and 8:00 pm and then the party till 2:30 am!

If you arrive during the language exchange, admission is free, but if you arrive for the party exclusively, then there’s an entrance fee of $20.000 COP ($7 USD approx.).

Vinstrash is quite big; it has a big main dance floor with a DJ on the first floor and several other smaller rooms around the place. All of them have different atmospheres, music, and activities and they are quite fun! There’s also a place to store your coats, bags, etc.

For more info, visit their webpage here.


Gringo Tuesdays
© Photograph by Gringo Tuesdays

  • Don’t hesitate to go and practice the language you want. Remember to get to the table that suits your needs and just start a conversation. Everyone is very friendly, but you should also make an effort to start the conversation!
  • As in any other party, control your alcohol consumption and have fun without bothering others.
  • They accept cash and cards (credit or debit) for the bar and in case you want food. 
  • For reservations, contact +57 313 236 4413
  • Dance like there’s no tomorrow!

We hope you are now excited about this wonderful language exchange! Also, if you want to attend an amazing Spanish school, visit Whee Institute; plus, they also have a partnership with Gringo Tuesdays which includes a free beer and no entrance fee.

For other articles about Spanish in Bogotá, visit our section Learn Spanish here.

Was this article useful? Do you know other cool language exchanges in Bogotá? Or maybe you have an experience you would like to share? Please share and/or comment on this article, and visit our homepage Colture to take a look at my articles and many others to find more essential information about Bogotá.

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