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Spanish in Bogotá

Are you having trouble communicating with people in Colombia? What could be better than learning the local language for free and experiencing an amazing part of Bogotá while doing it? We have an option for you! Whee Institute, the best Spanish school in Colombia, now offers FREE Spanish lessons in Ciudad Bolívar, Bogotá. Find all the info here and have an amazing experience! 

When learning a language, the most important thing is to have fun, enjoy, and have remarkable experiences that link to everything you’ve learned. The theory is important, yes, but we all know that practicing is the best way to internalize a new language. Learning Spanish is a lot of fun when you manage to take advantage of all that comes with it, and by “all,” I mean getting to know an amazing culture, wonderful and warm people, and new and exciting opportunities. Especially in Bogotá, with its vast and rich local culture. If you ever find yourself in this part of the world and you want to learn Spanish, Whee Institute offers amazing lessons for free!


Whee Institute has been revolutionizing Spanish education in Colombia since 2015. Their motto is “happiness through education”, and they rely on the simple but powerful idea that education should be fun and that you can learn Spanish in a short time while exploring the city and its people and culture. In addition, Whee has continued to raise the bar while paying its teachers well and has had students share more than 500 five-star reviews. With this experience and a new idea for education in mind, its founders, Sebastián and Omar, have now created another new learning opportunity!

What if you could experience a new part of the city while learning? That’s what Whee Ciudad Bolívar gives you. It’s simple: they offer free Spanish lessons in a part of Bogotá that’s not at all on the regular tourist maps or top destinations. In fact, Ciudad Bolívar, located in the south, is one of the poorest areas in the city, but Sebas and Omar have seen how much this area has changed since the TransMiCable cable car system began providing easier public access to it in 2018. With beautifully painted houses, an amazing view of the rest of Bogotá, and a sunnier microclimate – this is a real hidden gem!

Where? When?

Whee Ciudad Bolívar opens Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. The idea is that you can go for one day or experience a whole week, but you can take as many weeks of classes as you’d like until mastering the level they currently offer (which is basic level A.1.1.). The topics each week don’t change so you can choose how many days you want to come. If you already know a bit of Spanish and you’d like to keep learning to improve your level, you can continue your learning with Whee Institute, located in Teusaquillo in Bogotá. Visit their webpage here for more info or to make a reservation.

Spanish classes are from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday through Friday and focus on topics such as the alphabet and pronunciation, numbers, feelings, and much more. Here is the complete weekly schedule:

Free Spanish classes in Bogotá

You don’t need to pay anything, remember that it is for free! You can tip and contribute whatever you’d like, but there’s absolutely no obligation to do it. However, any tip you give will be used to:

  • support the project
  • sponsor the creation of new free courses (both for foreigners and locals)
  • improve education and provide opportunities to change the lives of many people and their families
  • invest in an area that has been overlooked for many years

Whee Ciudad Bolívar is located at Calle 70J Sur No. 18L-54. The best way to get there is to go by Transmilenio to the “El Tunal” station and take the TransMiCable (cable car) to the second stop called “Manitas”. Once you are there, follow this map:

Spanish lessons

For all the necessary info, visit Whee’s webpage here. And if you want to contact them directly or to make a reservation, write to

Experience something new

Whee Institute Ciudad Bolívar
© Photograph by Whee Institute

Ciudad Bolívar is a unique part of Bogotá, and it’s an area that has been transforming over the years. If you are really looking to learn Spanish, having your lessons here would be an interesting, unique, and new experience while you are visiting the city. And not only that, but you’ll also get the opportunity to try out the TransMiCable cable car, which is a wonderful piece of public transport that has helped thousands connect their community to Bogotá.

You’ll probably hear a lot of things about Ciudad Bolívar, and it is indeed a complicated area. Nonetheless, it has transformed in recent years to improve the lives of its inhabitants. So, there’s nothing better than actually seeing and experiencing it for yourself; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its charm and will also help to combat the negative rumors about the area. You do need to take an extra bit of care there, but nothing beyond the caution you apply in your cities at home.


This is an experience like no other. You’ll get so much more from your trip to Bogotá by:

  • learning all the basics of Spanish that you need to boost your travel experience in Latin America
  • becoming more independent by understanding interactions at restaurants, hostels, transportation, and most importantly when you meet new people
  • learning Spanish to avoid being overcharged, since Whee knows that every penny counts when you are travelling

Come to Bogotá and have free Spanish lessons in Ciudad Bolívar. Learn and have the experience of a lifetime!

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