Best neighborhoods in Bogotá: Mazurén!

Best Neighborhoods in Bogotá

Are you looking for the best family-friendly neighborhood where everything is close and there’s not a lot of noise? “Mazurén” offers this and more!

I found out that the favorite neighborhoods to rent and buy by families are located in the north of Bogotá, where in the last few years they have been adding new buildings and improving the surroundings with parklands, marketplaces, schools and malls. Mazurén is in the municipality of Suba, which is one of the biggest of Bogotá.

With strata from 3 to 4 (middle class), Mazurén is located between the west side of Autopista Norte (North freeway, one of the main streets in Bogotá) and Carrera 58. The buildings closer to the freeway are typically the oldest with 5 floors, but if you go towards Carrera 58, you will notice that the architecture is modern and the buildings are taller. The streets that border Mazurén are Calle 150 to the south and to the north is Calle 153. For me, after living in the north of the city, I always see Mazurén as an option to move when my family grows and here I will explain why.

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All you need in one place

If you prefer to walk or ride a bicycle instead of using your car, taking a cab or an Uber, in Mazurén you will find many things close by that you may need for your daily routine. There’s a marketplace, Parque La Colina mall (which is my favorite), local shopping stores like Arturo Calle, restaurants and food trucks, which you can find near Calle 153, Calle 152 and Carrera 54. There are also some amazing schools like Colegio Colombo HebreoColegio Teresiano and Colegio Bethlemitas, the medical center of Mazurén and even a notary office in the Centro Comercial Mazurén (Mazurén mall). If you have to take public transportation to go to work, you have a bus stop nearby and also, the Autopista Norte which has the Transmilenio. In addition, you have the main avenues such as the Avenida Boyacá, the Calle 138 and Avenida Suba.

Quick Tip: To better locate Mazurén you can use Apps to Help You Get Around Bogotá.

Beautiful parklands and hidden amenities!

On weekends, you and your family can visit the nearest park in Mazurén. You can have a picnic or read a book while your children are at the playground or you can just do some exercise around the block or any of the fields (normally basketball/soccer). The best part is that you won’t feel unsafe, because it is a calm residential neighborhood. Also, if you find your perfect place to live in Mazurén, be sure it has some amenities included in the building for activities when is raining outside. It’s incredible what you can find in some of them, because the architecture might look old but they normally offer an indoor playground, gyms, mini cinema theaters, bbq, saunas and in some cases heated swimming pools or jacuzzis.

How much?

I know you are already wondering about the cost of an apartment in Mazurén. Let me tell you, it may vary and normally you can negotiate with the owner, but for an approximation of the costs this year (2018) for buying an apartment, per the square meter will be between 2.500.000 COP (approx. 833 US$) to 3.710.000 COP (approx.1.237 US$), and for renting it can start from 2.500.000 COP (approx. 833 US$) depending on the apartment square meter total. Public service expenses, which provides water, gas and electricity for 2 people, will be around 190.000 COP (63 US$) for the stratum 4; for the 3, it will be slightly less. Not that bad!

Whether you are looking to rent or buy an apartment, you will find some of them online on websites like Finca RaízMetrocuadrado and Ciencuadras, but I also recommend going for a walk around Mazurén because many residential buildings have rental and sales ads in the windows.

Mazurén is a place to consider moving with your family and has a perfect quality-price relation, it’s a very safe residential neighborhood and very quiet compared to the rest of the city. Finally, due to the location, you can have fun doing outdoor activities with your children or going to places around Bogotá.

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