Best neighborhoods in Bogotá: introducing Cedritos!

Best neighborhoods in Bogota Cedritos

If you’re looking to explore some of the neighborhoods in Bogota, look no further than Cedritos. This family-friendly neighborhood boasts a number of things to do, places to dine and green spaces.

Often, tourists and travelers don’t travel up to this mostly local neighborhood, simply because of the lack of information currently available about this spot and it’s distance from the center of the city. However, adventurous travelers should certainly not cross this neighborhood off their list.

General Information

Located between Calle 140 and Calle 160, and between Carrera 7 and Autopista Norte (if you don’t understand what this means, just read this article), Cedritos is a northern neighborhood easily accessible by Transmilenio (Calle 142 and 146 stations), and bus on either Carrera 7, 9, 19 (if you want to know how to get around using public transportation, read this). In total, it takes about 40 minutes to arrive from the center of the city.

The area is fairly new, with most buildings having no more than 50 years since construction. It’s quite a trendy area, boasting a mix of houses and apartment buildings in modern design.  The area includes many safe parks where you can see families playing together, or locals taking their morning run. Since the neighborhood is located in the eastern part of the city, you will always have a stellar view of the mountains.

Take a walk down any of the main roads and you’ll experience the hustle and bustle of daily life in Bogota- mothers taking their children to one of the many daycares or schools, people attending church, or locals socializing at any of the numerous bakeries or hair salons. The area is also very pet-friendly, with a number of veterinarians. You’re bound to see at least a few people taking a stroll with their furry friends.

People that Live Here

Cedritos is a very local, family-friendly, residential area. Many of the homes in the area are multigenerational, creating a unique blend of all ages from small children to elderly grandparents. The area has recently seen a bit of Venezuelan influence and there are also multiple areas for university student housing.  Most of the homeowners are working professionals, creating a safe and educated environment.

Security & Cost of Living

Cedritos is a very safe neighborhood, although it’s always advisable to be careful when walking after 10 pm, especially on Carrera 19. Most apartment buildings have security and a doorman. If looking to rent a place, you can find apartments from 1’200.000 COP/month (400 USD) for a single room apartment, to 1’800.000 COP /month (600 USD) for a 3 bedroom, two bathroom apartment. Cedritos is estrato 4 and 5 for utilities. You can eat out with a budget of $20.000 COP (7 USD) per meal. Buses or Transmilenio cost $2.200 COP (0,80 USD) per ride.

Restaurants & Bars

Take a walk down Calle 140, Carrera 14 or Carrera 19 on any evening and you will see the restaurant scene of Cedritos in action. These areas are filled with people dining at one of the many neighborhood restaurants or bars. Grab a drink at Bogota Brewing Company, or a bite to eat at WOK, one of the many sushi places, Bogota’s famous Crepes & Waffles, or any of the other lively establishments.

Other Things to Do

If you’d like to do some shopping, you’re in luck as well. There are two large shopping malls, as well as a number of bargain music and bookstores and outlets around the area, including Adidas.

Spend an evening at one of the cinemas, or any of the events put on in the local high schools. There’s an artisan arts and crafts fair that takes place daily, and many streets are closed for Ciclovía on Sundays- an opportunity for locals to ride their bikes, jog and enjoy the streets without having to worry about traffic. If in the mood for physical activity, you’ll find many yoga studios and gyms. Cedritos is also one of the only neighborhoods in Bogota with a bowling alley.

To Sum Up

Cedritos is a safe, chill area that maintains a lively spirit. Here, you’ll be able to experience the day to day of local Bogota residents and still have access to a number of fun activities and things to do. Coming here can be the perfect day trip to take a break from the busy city center, or provides stellar options if you are looking for places to stay longer term. Certainly consider Cedritos for your next day exploring Bogota, and keep visiting Colture for more information on Bogota neighborhoods and things to see!

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