Airbnb in Bogotá: how to choose the right one

Airbnb in Bogotá

Airbnb in Bogotá has lots of different options, some that make us feel like locals, and others like we’re more at home. Here I tell you how to choose the right one!

When looking for a place with Airbnb, we all use the filters to choose the lowest price that has a good rating just because we don’t like to spend hours scrolling through the website. But here I’ll give you 4 important things to consider when you are looking for a place that will define part of your stay in Bogotá.

1. Time

When you know how long you will stay in Bogotá, it’s easy to figure everything else out, including the other 3 points. If you will only be in town for a few days for a business meeting or just a quick visit, maybe it would be more comfortable to just rent a room or go to a hostel through Airbnb, but if you will be staying longer than a week, you may need more space, so it might be better to rent an entire place for you and your travel companions. Also, if you are planning to be around for more than few months, you can try different neighborhoods (like Cedritos, Mazurén, Belmira, Salitre, Teusaquillo, Chapinero, etc) in and around Bogotá, before choosing where to live.

Quick Tip: Most of the places will give you a price discount if you stay more than a week, so keep that in mind!

2. Place

Now that you have your dates chosen, it’s time to select a place to stay.

Strata in Bogotá range from 1 to 6 and these determine the cost of living expenses (for a more detailed explanation, visit this article). That’s why you may notice there are neighborhoods more expensive than others, but while staying in an Airbnb you won’t notice a difference. If you are coming to stay for more than a week, I recommend choosing a place depending on what surrounds it and I am not referring only “La Candelaria” or the “Zona T.” I mean a place that is near a market, a bus stop or even your job, your institute or a mall.

Quick Tip: Don’t get lost! Bogotá is a system of “calles y carreras” (calles & carreras in Bogotá) that run from the east to west and from the center to north and south, so use this article to locate the address of your Airbnb.

3. Price

Remember that in many cases the neighborhood determines the price, but sometimes you stumble upon a bargain!

When I booked on Airbnb, I wanted to rent an entire apartment in Cedritos neighborhood and I was not interested in changing it. So, without knowing, I took the risk of booking an apartment at the last minute, that no one had booked before and I was surprised with the amazing results: a great discounted price and a kind host!  So maybe it could work again.

The payment method can save you a lot too. If you add a credit card and want to cancel a reservation, the refund works faster and in most cases, there’s no fee. Also, on Amazon, you can find Airbnb gift cards, and if you’re really lucky, you can find them with discounts.

Quick Tip: Sometimes paying with the local currency (COP) is better than paying with your home currency.

4. Amenities

Every apartment has their own amenities, some of which include more services than others. So if you think you found your ideal accommodation, check this part and see if it has all the basic things you will need in your day to day in Bogotá, like wifi, hot water for showers, bed sheets, towels, refrigerator, oven, and any others to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable like a gym, saunas, barbeque, washing machines and pools!  

Finally, make sure to check out the reviews and ratings before booking; this will guarantee an amazing experience with Airbnb.

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Let’s get the best out of Airbnb in Bogotá by sharing this article and the tips we know in the comments below, also if you know another website like Airbnb leave it too!

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