The top 3 student housing accommodations in Bogotá

The building façade

As the capital of Colombia, Bogotá is home to some of the best universities and Spanish schools in the country and it is a fantastic city for students coming from all around the world looking to learn while experiencing this amazing city! Here they are: the top 3 student housing accommodations in Bogotá

Bogotá is a city that has it all and at the beginning, it can be a little bit overwhelming to get a grip on its transportation, weather, streets, etc. Finding the right accommodation can also be tricky especially when you don’t know anyone in the city or when you don’t have a particular plan. Luckily for you, Bogotá has the best and some of the more modern student housing accommodation projects in the country, which are catered to each student’s needs and budgets, and even if you are not a student, but want to live like one, you can access to some of this! So relax and leave the hard work of finding a place to us!


The smallest and oldest student housing accommodation in Bogotá on this list is a beautiful concrete and wood building located in the iconic neighborhood of La Macarena, a fantastic place surrounded by small boutiques, libraries, pubs, and restaurants, and walking distance from most of the universities located in the city center and Chapinero. Bohío is a place designed for young professionals and students who are looking for a chill and different place to live surrounded by greenery and a fantastic terrace with amazing views and a BBQ. 

A deluxe studio accommodation
© Photograph by Bohío Bogotá

Bohío offers 3 types of accommodation, all with very nice and modern furniture, a balcony, and a safe box. A single studio with a single bed, a shared kitchen, and bathroom costs around $300 USD/$1,000,000 COP per month and a deluxe studio with a double-sized bed, an en-suite bathroom, and a shared kitchen with 3 people is around $400 USD/$1,340,000 COP. All room prices cover utilities and come equipped with kitchen utensils, WIFI, laundry room, front desk 24/7, TV room, and cleaning service once a week.  

Pros: Of all three projects it is the most laid-back and quiet, perfect for a slightly grown audience or someone who is done with partying all night long. If you are not a student but are looking into a long term accommodation option, you can also stay there.

Cons: You must stay for more than 4 months, otherwise you won’t be able to rent a room there, and also, you won’t have a whole flat to yourself; it is more like a room.

Click here for directions and here for booking a room or getting more information.

Livinn X

The second place on the list is by far the biggest student housing project in the city: Livinn X. They have two stunning buildings three blocks away from each other filled with great common areas like yoga rooms, BBQs, 360 view rooftops, meeting rooms, art centers, and more! Both projects are located in the always buzzing neighborhood of La Candelaria and are walking distance from some of the main universities in Bogotá, like Los Andes, Rosario, Tadeo, and Externado. The fee covers all the utility bills, WIFI in both your flat and common areas, 24/7 front desk, laundry rooms, TV with cable in each flat, and more. 

LivinnX 21 façade
© Photograph by LivinnX

LivinnX 18 was the first project to open, and it was specially designed for university students. It has over 120 apartments with different layouts that can go from 1 to 4 bedrooms, either shared or private. A shared bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment costs around $270 USD/$900,000 COP and a private studio flat can cost $595 USD/$2,000,000 COP. This building has a lot of tech labs with their own printing spot and loads of study and reading areas.

LivinnX 21 is the branch’s second project tailored for a slightly older type of audience. The building has over 150 apartments with varied accommodation that goes from a private flat at $770 USD/$2,600,000 COP to a 4-bedroom apartment with your own private bedroom and bathroom from $325 USD/$1,100,000 COP. This building also has loads of coworking spaces, meeting rooms, a big fully-equipped gym, and a big laundry area.

Pros: The minimum renting time is a month and you are not required to submit loads of paperwork. If you are not a student but are looking for a different accommodation option, you can also stay there.

Cons: The flats feel a bit empty, so they tend to be really cold and there is no heating at all. Also, there are always activities in the buildings, so if you are looking for some quiet time this might not be the place for you.

A single person studio at LivinnX 18
© Photograph by LivinnX

Click here for directions and here for booking a room or getting more information.

City U

The last place on my list is a set of 3 buildings you can see from the sky. What makes City U so special is its wide range of commercial areas on the first floor. It’s almost like a mall with a big event area that hosts concerts and all sorts of free events surrounded by restaurants, cafes, printing businesses, and more! City U is 5 minutes away from Universidad de Los Andes and it has 4 types of apartments where you can select to live by yourself or with 3 more people. 

Sutdent accommodation
© Photograph by CityU

All apartments are fully furnished, and the prices range from $237 USD/$800,000 COP for a 4 bedroom flat to $520 USD/$1,750,000 COP for a one-person studio. City U offers short stays from 1 day to as many as you want as long as you are part of an exchange program with one recognized university in the city. The price of the accommodation covers the utility bills, the internet, and it has a gym, study and conference rooms, laundry rooms, and more!

Pros: The price is fairly reasonable and if you belong to one of their allied universities, you can get an additional discount on your room.

Cons: The lack of ventilation in the flats and rooms and the absurd number of rules, like not having sleepovers. They only rent to students, a letter from your university will be required the same as a valid student visa. 

A single person room
© Photograph by CityU

Click here for directions and here for booking a room or getting more information.

Bonus: If you want to look for more options, chek out Tellanto, which helps students to find comfortable, safe, and social student houses for free through their housing abroad in Bogota page.

Nowadays, Bogotá is becoming a more popular destination for students from around the world looking to experience this amazing city and its culture while learning a new language or simply studying abroad. Colombia is welcoming new people more than ever and it’s no surprise that new types of student accommodation projects are popping up everywhere. No matter what your budget or living preferences are, one thing is for certain: you will find the right fit for you within these three student housing accommodations in Bogotá. 

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