Stay in Bogotá on a budget: best accommodation offers

Where to Stay in Bogotá

When looking for accommodation, Bogotá accepts kinds of budgets, from low cost options to the most luxurious hotels, here you can find everything. Yes, Bogotá has it all! In this article I will show you the best accommodation options depending on your budget.

When planning a trip, accommodation will always be one of the first topics –if not the first– to arise. Finding accommodation that suits your wallet in a big city like Bogotá is not difficult at all! However, if you do not know where to look, it could take a considerable amount of time. But no worries, there are, indeed, options for every budget. Diversity is what makes this city amazing!

Low Budget

Having a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t get good accommodation in Bogotá! Remember that, while it’s a fast-growing city, you can still find lower prices than most of Europe or the US. In Bogotá, it could be said that a quality, low-price accommodation will fall between $20.000 COP (6.50 USD) and $80.000 COP (26 USD) per night. So the best option for a low budget would always be hostels. They have changed a lot in recent times, and people and travellers have come to learn that hostels are no longer considered cheap, bad, accommodations in the not-so-pretty parts of a city. Truth is, hostels are great, and in Bogotá, better! Plus, you get to meet really nice people from all over the world.

Go to to find the best hostels in Bogotá:

Bogotá has tons of great hostels scattered around the city. If you want to stay in the most traditional-historic part, go to la Candelaria and try to find hostels like The SC House Hostel ( To know more about this neighborhood, read our article Best Neighborhoods in Bogotá: Why You Should Stay in La Candelaria

If you go a little bit to the northeast, you can find CX Hostel (, located in Chapinero, one of the most cultural, social and interesting parts of the city, with a lot of activities and places to go. Casa Capital ( is also a great idea as it is located in La Soledad: a traditional neighborhood with very nice architecture and cultural life. Both of these hostels offer a range of excellent services and accommodations for a low price.

Medium budget

The best way to truly get to know Bogotá and its culture is to stay with locals: there is no better way to share and meet people, and it would make your trip way easier and better. Also, you would be supporting the local economy. Colture promotes local accommodation with host families that are happy to welcome you into their homes, give you delicious typical Colombian meals to try, and provide you with recommendations of things to do, where to go, etc. It’s ideal for medium budget holders, which in Bogotá would be between $80.000 COP (26 USD) and $200.000 COP (64 USD) per night. If you want to know more about this option write to and take a look at our article Finding Accommodation in Bogotá: 3 Reasons to Do a Homestay.

High budget

The best option for a high budget in Bogotá will sit between hotels (better for short stays) or apartment rentals (better for a long stay). A higher budget would be considered a price above $200.000 COP (64 USD) per night. I might recommend the hotels located in the east-north side of the city: they are usually considered to be some of the best ones in terms of quality. And are also located in some of the best social and shopping areas in Bogotá.

Go to to find the best hotels in Bogotá: . Take a look on Wyndham Bogotá Art Hotel ( to see an example of good quality vs. prices hotels in Bogotá.

In the case of apartment rentals, there are numerous good neighborhoods to stay in Bogotá; you can find one that goes along with your travel plans. Read Airbnb in Bogotá: How to choose the right one, to find out more information about other options for accommodation.

You are more than ready to come to Bogotá and find accommodation that suits your wallet. I strongly recommend searching an area that matches your travel plans, whether it’s somewhere with a lot of activities and/or nightlife, or somewhere more residential and therefore, more quiet and calm. Remember, Bogotá has it all; from the south to the north, and from the east to the west, it has something special for all types of budgets. So, are you ready?

Please visit our homepage on Colture and take a look at other articles to find more essential information before or during your trip.

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