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When planning a trip, accommodation will always be one of the first topics –if not the first– to arise. Finding accommodation options that suit your wallet in a big city like Bogotá is not difficult at all! However, if you do not know where to look, it could take a considerable amount of time. But no worries, there are, indeed, options for every budget. Diversity is what makes this city amazing! When looking for accommodation options in Bogotá (whether you're a student, an expat, a traveler, a tourist or even a local), it's good to search for an area that matches your travel plans, whether it’s somewhere with a lot of activities and/or nightlife, or somewhere more residential and therefore, more quiet and calm. Remember, Bogotá has it all; from the south to the north, and from the east to the west, it has something special for all types of budgets. So, in this category, you'll find it all! Are you ready!?

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