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You already made the best choice by deciding to come to Bogotá, but for how long, and where am I going to stay? These are things you’ll probably ask yourself. Where to stay in Bogotá doesn't have to be a difficult question at all. There's so many options and so many places to check, that it can be difficult to choose according to your needs, but never impossible! Look on the bright side: this also means that, out of all the possibilities, there would be a few (at least) that will suit exactly what you want! Student housing. neighborhoods, zones, localities, and much more options to choose from. Fancy staying in a historic area? Or perhaps in one full of nightlife? Bogotá has it all! So whether you are planning to stay just for a few days, or for a few weeks, even for a few months, you can actually find amazing options to have your good night’s sleep. Here you'll find the best accommodation options in the city. Look no further!


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