Why travel to Bogotá? Here are my top five reasons!

Travel to Bogota

Bogota gathers all cultures of Colombia and owns an all-time history on its streets. Keep reading to know why you should travel to the biggest Colombian city!

Bogota, the capital of Colombia, a place of many cultures and the site of the house of the government, is the center for every tourist and businessman to start their trip around the country. Colombian citizens are very open to foreigners and have a lot to offer visitors.

Coffee & food

Here in Bogota is the place where you can find some of the best coffee in the world. Producers from different parts of Colombia present their products at fairs and it’s a must for your palate. Food fairs and competitions are also really common to see in Bogota, due to the national dishes that vary depending on the city where the chef comes from or where he learned.  There are foods here for every palate!

Also it’s a great opportunity to try the different fruits that are cultivated all around the country, like “guanábana”, “mangostino” (my fav!), “feijoa”, and “lulo”. As a foreigner living here, I feel that all the agricultural products are healthier and more tasteful than some other countries and also less expensive, even sometimes ridiculously inexpensive for the amazing quality.

Family-friendly destination!

You can come to Bogota with all your family, there are things to do for everyone no matter how old you are, or who you are with, everybody is welcome. You can go to an infinite number of beautiful museums like, Botero, The Gold Museum (El Museo del Oro), Bolivar’s house (La Casa de Bolívar). or depending on the dates of your trip, you can find some concerts or shows in theaters. On the other hand, for outdoors activities, you have many parks to go for a picnic. One of my favorites is “Parque Simón Bolivar” (Simon Bolivar Park). I has big dimensions and different environments to choose from, like the lake, the beach-like zone, and an area with big trees. Also, in most of the parks, there are playgrounds for the little ones. Another option for outdoor activities is to ride your bike freely through the ciclovia on Sundays without worrying about the cars!

P.S: If you have some Sundays on your trip schedule, you should know that all the museums are free!

Friendly citizens and great customer service!

When I came to Bogota for the first time, I realized that the people were well-mannered and very friendly, whether it be in you uber, or in public places like malls, bus stops, and fairs. They always will greet you with a smile and a “Buen día”. One of the things that really captivated me was the amazing service they provide, not only in stores or retail shops, but also the locals are open to help people that are not from here by giving recommendations, directions, and even their phone number in some cases for anything you would need. I still feel this way: they are warm people and INCREDIBLE hosts.

What I admire most about the citizens of Bogota, is how they demonstrate the love of their city and also to their country, they are very passionate and proud of their things, and sure they should be!

A Trending and Cosmopolitan City

Not only because it’s the capital of Colombia, but also because it gathers many people and companies from different places. In this city, you will find a place called “Zona Rosa” or “El Retiro” and “Zona G,” which are the best places to come together for some chit chat, celebrations, eating, shopping or just walking around, and you will still be on budget.

Lately, the streets art are becoming trendy on all social media, recognizing the art that we used to call “just graffiti.” You may find people offering tours of the most famous murals (The Graffiti Tour), but what you should know is that you will find them while you walk around Bogota, especially in “La Candelaria.” Something that I enjoy when I am going or leaving “La Candelaria” is using the Transmilenio because at the stations you will hear artists performing different genres of music or just telling stories about the country.

The adventurous nearby Towns!

Outside the city, almost 30 min by car, you will find extreme sports in “La Calera”, such as ATV rides, rock climbing, trekking, “Xtrem” jumper, horseback riding and more! I personally haven’t tried anything of this yet, but I will soon! Also, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy the views. On the opposite side of “La Calera” is “Zipaquira,” a place that makes you step back in time. This lovely place with colonial architecture has a salt mine (Mina de Sal) which 80 meters down is a cathedral. I have been 3 times and I’ve always learned new things. Also, close to the salt mine you have the Jaime Duque Park, a theme park with replicas of different monuments of the world. Finally, an all time favorite, “Andres Carne de Res,” located in Chia, is most known as the place to party for Bogotanos. Besides the environment and food, what I love about this place is the one-of-a-kind decorations; in every corner is something peculiar!

Remember to enjoy every second of your stay in Bogota and be aware of everything that is surrounding you, because I always find new things to do or to appreciate and so will you too, so, just let us know in the comments and share this article with your friends too!

Now keep reading my others articles so you keep exploring Bogota like a citizen!

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