5 facts about malls in Bogotá that make a difference

Malls in Bogotá

We all love malls, specially when it has all we are looking for! Here I spotlight 5 malls in Bogotá  that stand out as the best in Colombia and in Latin America

When I came to Bogotá for the first time I was amazed about the architecture of the malls and also their extension. They are very prominent in this diverse city, not only because of the size but also for the environmentally friendly methods they incorporated in the buildings, setting a difference and winning recognition worldwide. So keep reading to be a “colture” shopper!

1. Unicentro: the oldest

Ak. 15 #124-30

Open: Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 23:00

Phone: 031 213 8800

I wanted to start with the oldest mall in Bogotá, but don’t judge too quickly! This mall is in good condition, and you won’t realize it is 42 years old, but you will believe that this mall made a mark in Bogotá’s history. I personally like Unicentro because it has all you need for your shopping (including your groceries), entertainment (casino, cinema, bowling, events) and plenty of restaurants to satisfy your palate!

2. Centro Mayor: the biggest

Calle 38A Sur #34D-51

Open: Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 20:00

Phone: 031 734 2048

Now let’s go big! Centro Mayor is the biggest mall in Bogotá and third in Latin America, after one located in Brazil and other in Panama It has almost 300.000 meters squared distributed within three floors with 432 stores and a parking lot, making this mall the host of many events. Centro Mayor is also known for having the biggest multiplex of the country, with 14 cinema theaters!

Quick tip: It’s great for shopping, so get ready to spend all day there!

3. Hacienda Santa Bárbara: architecture

Cra. 7 #115-72

Open: Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 22:00 Sundays 11:00 – 21:00

Phone: 031 612 0388

This colonial mall located in Usaquen breaks every pattern of what malls are nowadays. In the past, it was a family estate farm, but finishing the 80’s they opened their doors to people, presenting what we know today, a beautiful fusion between 1900’s Bogotá architecture and the contemporary feel of the 2000’s. For me it’s a wonderful place to visit on Sunday mornings, just to drink a coffee or have a snack in the mall and then go for a walk in the piazza next to it, which has a local arts & crafts market.

4. Plaza de las Américas: the biggest pro-environment mall

Cra. 71D #6-94 Sur

Open: Monday to Sunday 08:00 – 22:00

Phone: 031 446 7575

This mall is the biggest in Latin America that works with solar panels, reducing considerably its environmental impact. Besides that it hosts more than 270 stores, Plaza de las Américas offers other services for their shoppers, like solar trees to charge their cell phones, free bicycle service (ECOBICI), solar chargers for electric bicycles and motorcycles, free parking for bicycles, an environmental playroom for kids, and even talks about how you can do your part at home. This mall has won many awards for being an environmental awareness mall in Bogotá. Go green!

5. Andino: the most exclusive

Cra. 11 #82-71

Open: Monday to Saturday 10:00 – 20:00 Sunday: 12:00 – 18:00

Phone: 031 621 3111

Located in “La Zona T” is El Andino almost everyone’s favorite mall in Bogotá. Because it gathers important brands and designers from all around the world and receives millions of people per year, it’s nominated as the most exclusive mall in Bogotá. It is also surrounded by numerous bars, restaurants, and stores, that makes it automatically a meeting point to start a great night out.

Furthermore, this mall has won many awards for its holiday decorations, so make sure to visit during a festive month.

El Edén

Is another mall that will be coming soon and also will stand out from all malls in Latin America, because it’s going to be in the top three of the biggest malls. It will be located in the Avenida Boyacá with calle 13 We look forward to its opening and seeing the results of this four-year-old project.

Finally, I want to say that malls are really important businesses in Colombia, especially in Bogotá. It is an opportunity of recognition for Colombians and international brands to show their products and create a wonderful experience for the rest of the citizens and tourists.

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Have you visited all the malls on the list? Which one was your favorite? Make sure to tell us in the comments below and share it with your friends!

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