Apps to live in Bogotá: five indispensable options

Live in Bogota

Bogotá can be quite a tricky city to understand and navigate through. But with these five apps I can guarantee your life in the city will be easier and you will save yourself a lot of time and money that can be invested in exploring more. These are my top five of apps to live in Bogotá for a traveller, ex-pat, local or a tourist looking to make the most out of this amazing city!

1. For buying groceries without moving

Mercadoni app Bogotá
© Photograph by Mercadoni

Thanks to Mercadoni you do not have to worry anymore about doing your grocery shopping! This free app allows you to do your weekly grocery shopping by just moving one finger! With Mercadoni you can access to a wide catalogue of stores and specialized shops that goes from butchers, organic markets, superstores, warehouses, and pet shops.

You can select your products and add them to your basket while a professional shopper selects everything you need and deliver it to your door. Using Mercadoni is great if you are new in the country and want to try some of the local products but don’t know how to select them!

Price per delivery: USD $2/COP $5.000

Download Links: Itunes / Play Store

Quick tip: Keep in mind that you have to pay the delivery price every time you order from a different shop. You can schedule the delivery times in the app but I strongly advise you to order your groceries in the morning so you can guarantee yourself a more convenient delivery time.

2. Exercise for very little in a different gym every day

Fitpal App to live in Bogotá
© Photograph by Revista DC

If you are new in town but still want to carry on with your weekly exercise routine Fitpal is the right option for you! Download the app for free in your phone and select from a wide list of workouts in gyms or training centres close to you.

With Fitpal you can choose a weekly, monthly or half a year plan and charge it to your credit card, then you can search a class based in the type of workout you want to do, proximity to your place or time frame.

Fitpal allows you to book as many classes you are interested in, you can do hot yoga on Monday, TRX on Wednesday or even join a running group in the park next to your house on Friday!  just make sure you arrive 10 minutes before it starts.

Membership Prices: USD $25/ COP $70.000 to USD $220/ COP $650.000 (depending on the length of the membership you want to take)

Download Links: Itunes / Play Store

Quick tip: Fitpal does not allow you to take the same class more than 4 times in a month.

3. An “Everything Store/Personal Assistant”


© Photograph by Rappi

Founded in Bogotá in 2015 and with presence in five countries, Rappi is without a doubt my favorite app! You can order everything and I mean EVERYTHING (that is legal) you can think of! You can book someone to come anywhere you are and do your nails or you can get booze, cash or food delivered at your house at 4 am.

From a plumber to come and fix your toilet, to an emergency iPhone in case you broke yours, Rappi is the closest you can get to having a 24/7 personal assistant.  

Rappi focuses a lot in delivering groceries and food from your favourite restaurant in no time, but you could also get tickets for any gig delivered to your office or even a new shirt in case you got a stain right before an important meeting!

Cost per delivery: USD $2/COP $5.000 prices per services can vary.

Download Links: Itunes / Play Store

4. Carpooling across the country

Apps to live in Bogotá
© Photograph by Voy con Cupo

Not having a car is no longer an excuse to not move across the country! With Voy con Cupo you can look for hundreds of drivers traveling to different town or cities with free sits in the car. Like that, you explore other places in Colombia while you get to meet new people and enjoy amazing views!

Using Voy con Cupo is easy, even though is not an actual app you can download on your phone yet, you can visit their website and select your destination, city of departure and dates you want to travel.

You can contact the car-poolers directly, check their type of car and discuss meetings points.

Pricing: USD $17/COP $50.000 one way from Bogotá to Medellín

Quick tip: For bank holidays and special dates make sure you book in advance.

5. Bicycle rental

Muvo app
© Photograph by Muvo

Bogotá has one of the most extensive networks of cycle paths in the world, connecting the city from north to south. With an estimated 400,000 daily trips, cycling in Bogotá is a must. Understanding the needs of the of the regular users and tourists, a group of entrepreneurs created Muvo, the first Latin American e-bike sharing system.

You will need a valid credit card, you will receive a QR code to scan in the collection point, to unblock your electric bike and enjoy the city!

With Muvo you can:

Pick up your bike in a place closer to you, and drop it in any of the parking spaces closer to where you end up.

Select the speed on your bike or if you want to work out, you can use it as a regular bike.

Pricing: USD $3/COP $8.500 per 30 minutes

Download Links: Itunes / Play Store

Quick tip: Booking in advance is not possible so I recommend you to arrive to the collection point early in order to secure a bike.

While you spend your time in Bogotá you will notice that these are everywhere. Locals use them a lot to save them time and money that can be invested in more exciting activities.

Using some of the apps will not only allow you to engage in new things to do, but it will also give you a sense of how locals live and navigate their own city.

You can meet new people, get to know new and more “underground” places and enjoy this city to the fullest. I strongly encourage you to use these apps and explore all the benefits has to offer!

Other apps!

There are hundreds of locally created apps that will allow you to make the most of your stay in Bogotá.

The best app to navigate the city: Waze Itunes / Play Store

To order food from hundreds of restaurants: Itunes / Play Store 

If you are a women traveling alone: SOFIapp Itunes / Play Store 

I hope you enjoyed this info about apps to live in Bogotá and can make the most out of them during your visit or stay here!

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