Where to find furniture in Bogotá for your apartment

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If you are looking where to find furniture in Bogotá, do it like the locals! Make the best of your money without losing your personal style.

Bogotá is bigger than you think and that means it has more home and furniture stores where you can find your dream couch or dining table. But before buying one, wait a few days, because here, I’ll give you the names and addresses of other places that have better deals on beautiful furniture that you also should consider.

At first, when I started looking for furniture in Bogotá, I went to the closest store from my apartment, Homecenter, but the furniture they were offering wasn’t the style I was looking for, so I found other stores, like Falabella, that also have amazing deals, but then my cousin introduced me the local stores. Here, I will put all the options on the table so you can be free to choose the one that suits better for you. Good luck!

Quick Tip: Sales are everything, and in Colombia, they makes a big difference. In fact, if you want to purchase electronics (tv, blender, washing and dryer machine, etc.), Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days you should go for. It goes normally on november, but you also can find sales in other stores through the months of january and june.

Popular brands in Bogotá to buy furniture

Normally we are stuck on certain brands because of recommendations from friends or something promoted by a celebrity, but how about trying something new and having our own experience? Sure, it sounds risky and it might not be an option for everyone, but let me guide you to a few different brands you should consider and others to be warned:

One of my favorites and where I still go for fun is Homecenter. This is the best for buying shelves, chairs, outside furniture, and tools to remodel your house (paint, wood, light bulbs, hangers, etc.) It also sells couches, pillows, home appliances, rugs, and storage and organization stuff with very competitive prices. On some items, they have a policy that if you find the same item elsewhere at a lower price, they will match it! Very fair!

Homecenter store facade
© Photograph by Isabela Gómez

Falabella is 100% recommended too; it’s one of my favorites to go when buying beds, couches, dinner tables, chairs, home appliances, and decorations! They also have an extended variety of items for a beautiful table setting. You will find a Falabella in every mall, and they allow you to buy on their website, which has improved a lot since I moved to Colombia. It’s where I bought my dining table, my bed, and also my refrigerator, not only because they were the most beautiful I saw at that moment, but because they gave (and still have) AMAZING deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (which happens twice a year each, in June and November).

Falabella Store
© Photograph by Corona

Other places I have explored and have beautiful room designs are Tugo, Crate & Barrel, Muebles y Accesorios and Aristas. The thing about them is that sometimes they are overrated and are a little bit expensive compared to the other home stores, even the local ones. But it’s great to see the catalog for room decor ideas or if you want to make your own furniture.

Quick Tip:

Remember to keep track of your favorite furniture brand because most stores give discounts during the summer, on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and during other major shopping times!

Support local stores

Colombians are known for their craftsmanship because of the dedication and passion that go into each piece, giving a high quality as a result. So I encourage you to support local stores, as I did, thanks to my cousin, who showed me the neighborhood where all the specialty furniture stores are that make custom pieces. It is in the Teusaquillo neighborhood around Carrera 51 #76-92 and takes up a few blocks around. Before going, search for the address on Google Maps in order to feel confident about walking around the neighborhood.

You need to be very specific if you are going to order custom furniture and also have an idea of what the price should be before closing the deal or buying one that is already made. The reason for that is first, because if you look like a tourist, they will increase the price, so I suggest you haggle and offer less  (but don’t be a cheapskate, just be fair) and second, because the more specific you are about what you want, the better the final product will be. So show pictures, draw it out, or even design it with them; ask questions and express any doubts you have, especially with the fabrics (there is so much to choose from), and they will help you.

A few local stores I recommend are Atellier, Buirod Design and Area al Cuadrado. They offer delivery (in some cases, it’s included with the price, but I recommend checking if it is before paying) and are very honest by telling you if they can or can’t do it or whether they have the fabric you want, plus they give amazing tips about what you need depending on your apartment space and environment (pet friendly or not).

Quick Tips:

  • Colombian leather and fabrics are known for being among the best in the world, so have fun when choosing the fabric for your furniture!
  • Take furniture inspiration from Pinterest, other stores, catalogs, movies, magazines, etc, before going.

Buy it from another country, have it delivered to Colombia

Sometimes it’s better to buy stuff outside the country online and have it delivered to your place here in Colombia. The reason why people don’t know too much about this is that 95% of the time, the fees make the product cost higher than buying it here. Since Amazon is coming to Colombia, there are some things that are worth buying from another country.

Also, if you want to make a big purchase from Aliexpress or any Chinese company, it might be cheaper than buying here. But as I said, it all depends on the fees that they charge for shipping and at customs once it arrives in Colombia.

On the other hand, if you already had a home fully furnished outside Bogotá, you can contact moving companies that can transport all your stuff from your previous home to the new one.

Look for manufacturers to complete furnishing your home

Colombians are AMAZING manufacturers; they make all kinds of beautiful and unique pieces for your home, not only in furniture but in decoration.

Annually, on december at Corferias, handcrafters from all around the country show their art pieces and handcrafts at Expoartesanias. Here, you can find one-of-a-kind furniture and decorations, and in some cases, they are made by Colombian indigenous people, so it’s an amazing place to browse unique pieces (and at good prices)!

Other stores that will help give some personality to your home besides Falabella, is Distrihogar. This store has beautiful bedding and bath supplies and amazing room freshener sprays (the citric one is the best!).  You also can find their products in Homecenter and Carulla. The competition of this store is Brissa, which also has wonderful products that change them with the season. So if you are into decorating your home based on the season, this store is for you, plus they have amazing deals for regular customers.

I can’t finish without telling you where to buy your dream comforter for the cold nights in Bogotá for a competitive price, they are manufacturers that provide bedding and bath products to hotels, their name is Hogar & Lenceria by Kamuchi in Calle 138 #45-23. And also, if you fell in love with the black bowls where ajiaco is served, find them in Calle 16 #3-47 at the store named, Artesanías de la Chamba.

Now you are ready to choose your favorite option and the one that is compatible with your budget, but I have to tell you that you will end up buying something in every store I have mentioned in this article. They all have unique and gorgeous pieces; just remember to explore local stores before buying so this way you are supporting Colombian manufacturers.

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Leave your experience in the comments below and if you want to know more places to find beautiful stuff and some of them with amazing deals, too! Remember to share this article if you found it helpful, someone might need it!

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