Touristic places

Trust me, you don't want to miss the touristic places in Bogotá! Besides being important for our history and culture, they are totally worth visiting! There are different types of activities and places to explore when you visit a city for the first time. Some people might go by the beauty of its historic buildings and museums while others will focus on its restaurants and nightlife. But one thing is clear: Bogotá represents the cultural and political history of the entire country. It is here that some of the most important events in Colombia have taken place and thanks to that we can find some of the most iconic and emblematic monuments and touristic places (those that when you visit them, you understand why it’s mandatory to go). Places like Monserrate, La Candelaria, flea markets, etc., where you can experience and appreciate the immensity and greatness of the city, buy souvenirs, eat, drink and have a good time! Besides that, t
On this category, we show you some of the best touristic places in this wonderful city!
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