Embassies in Bogotá: where to go when you need help abroad

Embassies in Bogota

Whether you’ll be traveling for a short period of time or your nomadic ways don’t have a return ticket, knowing where and how to contact your country’s embassy is invaluable information that you should take with you everywhere, while you’re abroad that is. Keep reading to know info about embassies in Bogotá.

Embassies are almost always located in the capital of the host country and Colombia is no exception.  Bogotá is home to the embassies of more than 50 countries and the countries that don’t maintain an embassy in the city, may have a consulate elsewhere in the country or they may direct their citizens to use another country’s embassy should something arise.  Technically speaking, embassies and consulates perform more or less the same functions, but embassies do a bit more.

Services you can find here

The embassy serves as the official diplomatic manifestation of the country it represents.  This means that its primary function is establishing and promoting relations with Colombia, which is why they are found in the capital.  However, it acts as the home base for all of the consulates in the country (if there are any), which makes it the brains of all the operations and you’re go-to for services that include, but are not limited to:

Consulates would best be described as satellites of the embassy that exist primarily to provide assistance to the citizens of the country it represents.  Services rendered at consulates outside the capital will often be sent to the embassy for processing and therefore take a little longer, so for the most efficient and direct service, your country’s embassy in Bogotá is probably preferable. While the embassies in Bogotá are found throughout the city, sometimes they’re in clusters, so where you find one, you might also find a few other countries’ nearby.

Embassies in Bogota
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Although the following list is not exhaustive, it includes many of the embassies/consulates that you can find in Bogotá.  If you don’t see yours here, a quick Google search will likely yield the information you’re looking for.  Furthermore, if you discover that your country does not have an embassy here, it’s possible that there is only a consulate and it may not be in Bogotá, so I would advise adjusting your search terms and trying again.

*All information is taken directly from embassy websites unless otherwise noted and is current as of June 6, 2018.


Carrera 11B #97-56, 4thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 288-0900  


Avenida Carrera 9 #115-06 Edificio Tierra Firme, Office 2003

Phone:  +57 (1) 657-8030

Email:  Bogota.embassy@dfat.gov.au  


Carrera 10 #113-36

Phone:  +57 (1) 612-6700; +57 (1) 612-1316; +57 (1) 619-4701  


Calle 93 #14-20, 8thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 635-1694

Email:  consular.bogota@itamaraty.gov.br  


Carrera 7 #114-33

Phone:  +57 (1) 657-9800

Email:  bgota@international.gc.ca  


Calle 100 # 11B-46

Phone:  +57 (1) 742-0136; +57 (1) 742-7874; +57 (1) 742-7875



Carrera 16 #98-30

Phone:  +57 (1) 622-3235; +57 (1) 622-3202

Email:  chinaemb_co@mfa.gov.cn


Costa Rica

Carrera 12 #114-37

Phone:  +57 (1) 629-5095; +57 (1) 629-5072

Email:  embcr-co@rree.go.cr; embrc.co@gmail.com



Carrera 9A #92-54

Phone:  +57 (1) 621-7054; +57 (1) 621-6116; +57 (1) 621-6120

Email:  infoconsulado@co.embacuba.cu



Carrera 13 #93-40, 2ndfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 746-8016

Email:  bogamb@um.dk


Ecuador (Consulate)

Calle 89 #13-07

Phone:  +57 (1) 212-6512

Email:  cecubog@cancilleria.gob.ec  

France (information from Google Maps)

Carrera 11 #93-12

Phone:  +57 (1) 638-1400



Calle 110 #9-25 Torre Empresarial, 11thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 423-2600



Carrera 12 #119-52

Phone:  +57 (1) 629-3302

Email:  info@embajadahonduras.org.co



Calle 116 #7-15 Torre Cusezar, Int. 2, Office 301

Phone:  +57 (1) 637-3259/79/80/89

Email:  social@embajadaindia.org


Ireland (Consulate)

Avenida Americas #56-41

Phone:  +57 (1) 432-0695

Email:  gomezconsulirlanda@smurfitkappa.com.co



Avenida Calle 26 #57-83, 7thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 327-7500

Email:  info@bogota.mfa.gov.il



Calle 93B #9-92

Phone:  +57 (1) 218-7206

Email:  ambbogo.mail@esteri.it; bogota.consolare@esteri.it



Carrera 7 #71-21 Torre B, 11thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 317-5001

Email:  info@ba.mofa.go.jp



Calle 113 #7-21 Edificio Teleport Business Park, Torre A, Office 201

Phone:  +57 (1) 747-7160

Email:  emcolmex@outlook.com



Carrera 13 #93-40, 5thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 638-4200

Email:  bog@minbuza.nl



Carrera 11A #94-45 Edificio Oxo Center, Office 904

Phone: +57 (1) 651-5500

Email:  emb.bogota@mfa.no



Calle 92 #7A-40

Phone:  +57 (1) 257-5067

Email:  embpanamacolombia@mire.gob.pa



Calle 80A #6-50

Phone:  +57 (1) 746-2360

Email:  embaperu@embajadadelperu.org.co



Calle 99 #7A-77 Edificio Advance, Office 507

Phone:  +57 (1) 307-2990

Email:  bogota@mne.pt



Carrera 4 #75-02

Phone:  +57 (1) 212-1881; +57 (1) 212-5560

Email:  embajadaderusiaencolombia@gmail.com



Calle 92 #12-68

Phone:  +57 (1) 622-0090

Email:  emb.bogota@maec.es



Carrera 9 #74-08 Edificio Profinanzas, 11thFloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 349-7230

Email:  bog.vertretung@eda.admin.ch


United Kingdom

Carrera 9 #76-49, 8thand 9thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 326-8300

Email:  embajadabritanica.bogota@fco.gov.uk


United States

Carrera 45 #24B-27

Phone:  +57 (1) 275-2000

Email:  ACSBogota@state.gov



Carrera 11 # 87-51, 5thfloor

Phone:  +57 (1) 644-5555

Email:  correspondencia.colombia@mppre.gob.ve  

My Experience

As a U.S. citizen, I know the Secretary of State has an alert system run by the embassy to help if you are abroad and I’m sure other embassies have a similar system implemented.  To make sure you they can reach you in the event of an emergency, it’s helpful to have a working phone to make/receive calls and messages and check your email.  To get one, you might want to check out How to Get a SIM Card in Colombia.  Hopefully it’s unnecessary, but better to be safe than sorry by staying in the loop, right?

The services, help and information embassies offer is much more expansive than what has been mentioned, so it’s worth checking out your embassy’s website at the very least because you don’t want to wait until you need assistance to look for where you can find it.  You may even want to visit your embassy to get acquainted!  If you’re looking for how to get there, download some Apps to Help You Get Around Bogotá.  Having easy access to your own country for assistance is just one of the many Reasons to Choose Bogotá that should give you peace of mind.

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