Things to Do at Home in the Midst of Social Distancing

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Since we have been shaken up in our daily routines, re-adapting to these new times might be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we have put together a number of ideas to do at home that will help you in the midst of social distancing.

If you think about how life has changed in the last few months, it is just unbelievable – no one could have imagined a situation like this occurring. But, if you really think about it, then you can say we are very lucky because we live in a digital era that has transformed every aspect of our daily lives: we have smartphones, computers, internet, chat rooms, and video conferences that connect millions of people from all over the world. With this technology, we can make the best out of a difficult situation.

We all miss going to parks, having a night out with our friends, traveling, walking around, sightseeing, and going out. Sadly, this is not possible for now and these are uncertain times when people are staying home in self-isolation as a way to keep safe. So, finding new ways to be productive and not get bored is something we all need to do. The idea of not being able to go outside or and not knowing when this will be over is frightening and can be nerve-wracking, but keep in mind that this is temporary and let’s hope all this will be over soon. 

This is a very unique situation and we need to make the best of it. What better way than by reinventing ourselves by doing things differently and looking at the bright side. It is time to get creative – there are a bunch of new things waiting to be discovered and you might be even surprised to find new hobbies you had never thought of and come across projects that might otherwise have been forgotten. So, here are some ideas to do at home in social distancing.

For those who enjoy baking and cooking, there are online sessions and tutorials for you to join and follow:

  1. Crambel: This is an artisanal bakery in the main park in Sopó owned by a biologist and chocolate lover. So, if you have a sweet tooth, go and check out their social media where they share very simple and entertaining videos about their recipes. After the quarantine or self-isolation is over, you can go and try all these delicacies to support the bakery. 
  2. Akasha Cooking Class: Via Zoom, you can learn to cook Indian cuisine. The classes are not just about food, but also understanding culture through it. They have tons of different recipes to teach and they have worked out schedules for different time zones so you can join them whenever it is convenient. Check out their social media to see which ones you might be more interested in.
  3. esunbalance: It is amazing to see the creativity behind this idea. It’s a very entertaining Instagram site that provides tons of things you can do in the kitchen while staying fit and enjoying the pleasure of eating everything you like without feeling any guilt about putting on some extra weight.

If you are feeling more artistic and you want to learn a new skill for your resume, here are some ideas: 

  1. Domestika: This is an online learning platform that has designed a #stayhome initiative with a large number of short courses related to photography, illustration, drawing, design, and much more. What makes it even better is that they are free, so go and try whichever ones catch your attention the most!
  2. Create a project: If you are an artist or a creative person, then is the perfect time to start a project by drawing inspiration from the lockdown. How about creating a short story or a photography series, or perhaps reading reviews about movies or starting a blog? This is a very therapeutic way of creating and writing. 
  3. How about learning graphic design skills, creating a short story or a photography series, or perhaps reading reviews about movies or starting a blog? These are things you can do from the comfort of your home as well.
Things to do at home in social distancing
© Photograph by DariaShevtsov on Pexels

Fitness is always a good option and there are tons of different exercises that you can try to find which one suits you best:

  1. Practice Wellness and Yoga: This is a group on Facebook for anyone who would like to start doing yoga and meet new people. Yoga helps the mind stay aligned with the body and brings peace and wellness in the middle of this crisis. 
  2. Salsa lessons: Dancing is food for the soul and salsa is a rhythm that heals, so even if you are a beginner or you just want to learn some moves, then you can try this page that has cool lessons and surprise your partner when everything gets back to normal!
  3. Anytime Fitness: Perhaps you feel like you are gaining weight or you just want to be healthier, so what about exercises with a virtual health and fitness community? You can join the live workouts and get nutrition tips while feeling so much better.
  4. “Mental fitness”: Take some of this self-isolation time to empower yourself, your mind and increase your confidence so when this becomes better, you’ll be out there conquering everything you wish and your biggest dreams 🙂

Whether you are an academic or wish to learn something interesting, here are some options:

  1. The Open University: You can go to their website and choose from the many courses they are offering on different subjects such as history, sports, art, science, education, and much more. They have everything from introductory to advanced courses for free.
  2. Podcasts: If you like podcasts and listening to things instead of reading, here is one to listen to. You can also listen to Jorge Enrique Abello, who is one of the most recognized actors in Colombia and is conducting conversations with people from the creative industry.
  3. #vivetuhogar: Falabella, a Latin American department store chain has also launched the campaign #vivetuhogar on their social media. This is an initiative to help share ideas for things to do at home and boost the visibility of various businesses.

For other options check out this amazing article about online courses to know more.

And here are some of my final ideas to do at home in social distancing: take a look at our article How to Enjoy Bogota during Quarantine: Five things to Do, check out do-it-yourself videos on Youtube, try to build an idea to start a business, or play board games with your family. And, if you feel like doing nothing at all, do so! You can just rest and lie down, watch a movie, or just relax; take it easy and focus on all the good things soon to come! 

Since we are inside most of the time, remember to get some sun from time to time without going out, perhaps near a window or on a balcony or a terrace. Human beings are very delicate and, like plants, they need water and light – just a friendly reminder!

For other cool ideas of how to step away from your comfort zone during self isolation, check out this blog.

If you liked this article or if you have any comments, leave them below and don’t forget to follow us on social media and check out our website.

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