Paintball in Bogotá: a colorful adrenaline rush experience

Paintball in Bogotá

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled rush experience, paintball in Bogotá will surely not disappoint you!

Paintball is a game where you shoot the opposing team with (you guessed it) paintballs, putting your tactics and marksmanship skills to the test. There’s a variety of ways to play it and your experience depends on which of these ways you choose to play it. The game is popular among kids and adults alike, yet it’s definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about fun outdoor activities in Bogotá. Keep in mind this game is not suited for everybody, as it can sometimes be painful or dangerous. That being said, I’ll be guiding you through different places to play it in Bogotá, and additionally, throw in some tips so you can make the best out of your experience. You just have to gather some friends, and go to any of the places I’ll be listed here to play!

Al Límite

Paintball in Bogotá
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One of the best paintball fields in Bogotá, Al Límite offers a great range of environments and additional activities, making it a solid choice to spend an afternoon with friends. It’s located in the north of Bogotá and it has great installations for social events. It’s worth noting that Al Limite has 5 different fields, a military one with sandbags and bunkers, a junkyard filled with destroyed cars, a western-themed town, an industrial park with barrels and crates, and a plain inflatable bunker field. Not only are there different environments, but it also has wall climbing, a football field, and different trampolines. Overall, Al Limite is a great place to play paintball; it offers diversity in paintball fields and all sorts of installations for social events. 

Directions: Cl. 245 #7-35

Telephone: 031 6764291

Basic Price: $20,000 pesos or about $6 USD (Includes equipment, 50 paintballs, and 1 hour of service).

Fast duck paintball

Paintball court
© Photograph by: Julián Beltrán

Another great field to play paintball in Bogotá, Fast duck paintball differs from other places because of the vibe it transmits. This is a place where paintball is taken much more seriously, and they’re involved with the ‘Circuito Colombiano de Paintball’, a professional paintball league. That, of course, doesn’t mean you have to be a pro to go, the place is still welcoming and offers great prices. When paying the basic entrance, you gain the right to play in any of the 5 different fields they have, all of them being composed of inflatable bunkers in different arrangements. If you’re looking to have a more serious experience, accompanied by field options and cheap prices, this place might just be for you.

Directions: Autopista norte 224 -80

Telephone: 310 766 7770

Basic price: $20,000 or about $6 USD (Includes equipment, 100 paintballs, and 1 hour of service).

Hard Tactical Games Paintball

Paintball in Bogotá
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Hard tactical games, unlike the others, offers both recreational and professional options when it comes to playing paintball. It has a professional driven field, created with pro players and tournaments in mind, but it also has 4 other fields designed to give you the best paintball experience. These fields cover 5,800 square meters (they’re huge), but they’re also very dense, having labyrinths, towers, cars and bunkers placed within them. Field designing really makes Hard Tactical Games stand out in comparison to other paintball fields, and not only that, but they also offer great prices and combos for things like birthdays, social events, or professional tournaments. So, if you want a unique paintball experience, Hard Tactical Games might just be what you’re looking for.

Directions: Autopista Medellín km 4.5 Vía la Vega-Bogotá

Telephone: 310 290 4007

Basic price: $18,000 or about 5,5 USD (Includes equipment, 50 paintballs, and 1 hour of service).

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Gum Paintball

Gum Paintball may just be the most interesting place on this list and of paintball in Bogotá, seeing as its field is indoors. Keep in mind this field has an extension of 1,000 square meters and is filled with air bunkers and obstacles. Although Gum Paintball’s defining characteristic is not the size of its field, it’s the field’s dark and neon-colored theme! This makes it an amazing place to play paintball and have a great time. Another thing worth mentioning is that the basic price includes unlimited paintballs, so you don’t have to worry about saving ammo! It’s a bit more expensive than your common paintball place, but the uniqueness of its field and the unlimited ammo definitely make up for it. This field is definitely oriented towards a fun and recreational paintball experience, so this place is ideal if you’re looking to have a fun and different paintball game.

Directions: Av. de las Américas #62 – 84

Telephone: 310 819 1526

Basic price: $30,000 or about $9 USD (Includes equipment, unlimited paintballs, and 1 hour of service).

© Photograph by colombianpaintball on Youtube

Colombian Paintball

Finally, we have Colombian paintball, one of the most professional paintball fields you can find in the country. Its two fields cover 2,500 square meters each and are designed strategically to challenge the player and its team; that’s why they’re filled with trenches, towers, and other obstacles. These fields are big enough to fit 20 players in each, and sometimes they unify them, making it so that they can house 40 players at the same time! Colombian Paintballs emphasizes teamwork and strategy and they also like challenging the player’s agility and marksmanship. These fields are used by pro players for tactical operative training. The place is therefore known for its professionalism, making it the best choice for people who are looking for serious paintball.

Directions: Vía Suba-Cota km 1

Telephone: 4599785

Basic price: $21,000 or $6.25 USD (Includes equipment, 100 paintballs, and 1 hour of service).

**This price only applies to groups that come in from Mondays to Thursdays

Recommendations (Tips)

  • First of all; follow the rules. Paintball is an amazing game, but it can sure be spoiled when people don’t follow the rules, this includes things like:
    • Taking proper care of the paintball gun
    • Not using old paintballs
    • Using appropriate gear
    • Respecting referees and their calls
    • Shooting at appropriate distances
    • No shots to the head or neck
  • Enjoy yourself; be ready to get shot. Saying this seems unnecessary, but the truth is that a lot of people worry about getting shot or hurt. So one of the keys to enjoying paintball is being calm and comfortable with getting shot. That way you’ll enjoy the game much more!
  • Play with friends! Paintball is much more fun when you play with people you know; with around 10 people you’ll surely be able to have a bast!

Paintball in Bogotá is truly one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have with your friends! Just remember to follow all rules and directions, and try not getting painted too much! Another great team game to play with friends is football, so check out our article on best 5v5 fields around Bogotá! Be sure to follow us on where you’ll find lots of other activities and things to do around Bogotá! 

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