Escape rooms in Bogotá: do you dare to face the challenge?

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Escape rooms are the perfect place to spend time with your friends and family and have lots of fun. Do you dare to face the challenge in Bogotá? Luckily they are all in the same language: mystery!

In Bogotá, you will find many escape rooms to try, whether you like fantasy, war missions, secret laboratories, or even a zombie apocalypse! I assure you that you will find the perfect setting for an hour of fun, adrenaline, and lots of teamwork. Whether you are familiar with escape rooms or you have never been to one, these games are so entertaining and you will always find something amazing in every one of them. I will show you in this article why going to an escape room during your time in Bogotá is worth it, maybe even more than once!

Why go to an escape room?  

Escape rooms have become very popular around the world and also in Bogotá in recent years. It is an incredible alternative to spend some free time; let me explain why.

Escape rooms are based on escape-the-room–style video games, but live! It is a game full of riddles and puzzles where you have an hour to get the objective; an hour to overcome all the obstacles and escape. Many of them are more than one room, but you will find that out in the course of the game.

In this live-action video game, you and your team will have to find clues, solve riddles, look for secret doors, open padlocks, and finally escape the room. You will have a master watching to see how you are doing so he can give you hints, but don’t rely so much on them because sometimes they run out of clues.

Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? Ok so maybe I like escape rooms a little too much, but you should check one of them out to see if I’m a geek that exaggerates a little, or if it becomes your favorite hobby too, you never know!

So, maybe you can take a break from the tourist places and accept a new challenge, and then you can continue to wander this beautiful city. Why not celebrate your victory with a few drinks or drown the sorrows of your defeat? Either way, there is always a good excuse to try new drinks and to go to an escape room!

Escape rooms in Bogotá

So, I told you that you could find great escape rooms in Bogotá, which is probably why you are here – not to read about my love for escape rooms, so let’s get to the matter then.

  • Escape Room Colombia: This escape room has six rooms, with themes like a prisoner of war, mad scientist, space, zombies, pirates, and the movie, Saw. It has two locations (NIZA : Avenida Suba #120-97, LAGO: Carrera 16 #80-04, this article may be useful to help you figure out how to get there). It costs between $45,000 and $28,000 Colombian pesos per person (USD $15-$9) depending on the number of people: you can play from two to six people and you can make a reservation online.
  • Sal si puedes: The name of this one literally means “get out if you can.”. It’s an escape room with movies and series themes. It has three rooms: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and La Casa de Papel. You don’t have to know anything about these shows to play; it’s just the ambiance that is set to transport you to these fantastic places. This one you can find at Carrera 14 #78-22. It also costs between $45,000 and $28,000 Colombian pesos per person (USD $15-$9) depending on the number of people and you can also play from two to six people per room. You can make your reservation online.
  • Xcape: This escape room has three themes: ancient Egypt, jail, and a haunted house. This one is located at Calle 53 #16-57. The prices go from $35,000 to $20,000 Colombian pesos per person (USD $10-$6.50) depending on the number of people (it also accepts from two to six players). You can make your reservation online.

†Last tips

Probably you are already thinking about which one you would like to do., Maybe the Game of Thrones one if you are a fan, or maybe you are more of space and aliens lover, or what about some horror? Whatever you choose, you will have a blast! If you don´t, you can write to me and I will personally…write a complaint to the escape room (sorry, I cannot personally return your money because I am not rich, but I promise I am a good complainer). Anyways, whichever one you choose, I recommend that you make your reservation online first. They will contact you and probably ask you for a down payment for the reservation, which is normal and it will go toward the total amount. Also, bring comfortable clothes and something light under your jacket so you can take it off and leave it outside because you will probably be hot in the room and you will be moving around to try to find all the clues. Last, but not least, be ready to have a great time!

Finally, I am going to take this opportunity to tell you that in Bogotá you will have many other options to do different things and have fun, such as playing tejo or rana, or even go to a bar with your friends so you could do a fun route and try all of them!

Have you ever been to escape rooms in other cities? Which ones are your favorite themes? Tell me all about it! And go to our website to find out everything you are going to do in this amazing city, besides the obvious, going to an escape room!

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