Hidden places in Usaquén that you should visit!

Front facade in Usaquen Plaza

Dont take this Bogotanian neighborhood for granted; it has more than restaurants and artisan markets! Keep reading and find out the exceptional hidden places in Usaquén that are around this plaza.

Going to Usaquén is a must when you are visiting Bogotá. It is surrounded by modern and very cosmopolitan buildings, but within the neighborhood itself, you will find preserved and beautiful colonial architecture that still has the cosmopolitan vibe. Usaquén, besides the markets that take place on weekends and holidays, also have amazing restaurants and different entertainment places. What you should know is, it also has hidden places around the neighborhood. and I will show you a few you can’t miss!


In Usaquén, there is a new building that gathers made-in-Colombia fashion and a variety of delicious food (markets, restaurants, and a kind of fancy food court). It’s located at “Avenida Carrera 7 #120-20” and the name is Boho Expo, or Boho Food Market, if you are referring to the food area. But it doesn’t stop there. What everybody doesn’t know is that if you go to the food market and locate the elevator, you can go to the 5th floor where the roof garden is. It’s open to the public to just look around because it has an amazing view of the neighborhood, but if you want to eat there, you have to wait until the weekend or until their tea Thursday! (you can find these events and others on their Instagram account: @BohoFoodMarket).

What they normally offer on weekends is a brunch or what they call, a slow breakfast. They serve a variety of dishes and drinks for brunch while you are inside of one of the greenhouses surrounded by flowers and plants that are also for sale.

Regarding prices, for adults, it’s $68,000 COP ($22 USD) and for kids, it’s $38,000 COP ($12 USD). The only way you can eat there is through a reservation, so you can send an email to djacob@bohofoodmarket.com or call +57 320-826-5891.

Greenhouse in Usaquén
© Photograph by Isabela Gomez


When you are walking the street from the Santa Barbara Mall to the Usaquén Plaza, you will find this alley on your right, just in front of the Gef store and next to the extremely delicious La Biferia restaurant (to be specific it’s at Carrera 6a #117-32). Entering is a little space that introduces you to a romantic Italian restaurant with live music and a vintage store, named El Cuchitril, that sells secondhand stuff that will bring back all your childhood memories.

This vintage store is run by a welcoming young woman that first started by selling her clothes as secondhand items. After a while, and nowadays she receives specific stuff from people, I like to believe that they aren’t just items, but little treasures with amazing stories to share.

So, if you are just walking around this neighborhood don’t miss this place, it’s truly one of the exceptional hidden places in Usaquén! They are open every day, so just worry about time managing because they are available from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. The best part is that she allows pictures!

Cuchitril facade in Usaquén
© Photograph by Isabela Gomez


Don’t walk just around the plaza; the streets next to the plaza have delicious and beautiful restaurants architectures, and shops that will take you by surprise like this alternative space that I came across. It has an art gallery, a simple coffee shop, and a space that is used for events and workshops.

To get here, you can copy/paste on Google Maps or another app you feel comfortable using: “Calle 118 #5-33”. LaLocalidad is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and the gallery changes the art constantly, so you can visit every week without getting bored.

What I like about this place is that a few days earlier, I was looking at a Colombian artist on Instagram that makes statement pieces for your home, not just for decor, but also furniture, and when I entered this place and went to the main point that is the gallery, I found one of their creations! In-person, I could appreciate every detail that doesn’t show on her Instagram photos.

If you are like me and are really into art and unique pieces, you can buy from this gallery and get more information about the artists, or if you want to be part of it, they are very welcoming to new artists, no matter your origin!

You can contact the gallery through their email: espaciocinco33@gmail.com.co

Lalocalidad facade in Usaquén
© Photograph by Isabela Gomez


This piece of history from Usaquén was born in 1998 and was remodeled recently with industrial interior design and a retro style. Cinema Paraíso offers an alternative way to watch movies, especially the indie ones (their signature). They have 3 cinema rooms with less than 45 seats each and 1 cinema room with 80 seats; that way they maintain exceptional customer service and exclusivity.

The thing you can’t miss is the food. No, they don’t just serve popcorn and hot dogs, or sodas, but they are also a coffee bar. They have a menu with traditional fast food dishes, but very well-cooked meals and obviously delicious coffees in all the variations (you can find other drinks, but coffee is their specialty).

Regarding the prices of the cinema tickets, they start from $14,000 COP ($4.60 USD) and run up to $ 26,000 COP ($8.60 USD). Everything will depend on the day, the hour, and the seats. For more information, you can go to their website or call: +57 755 9646 – 215 5311.

They are open Monday to Sunday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

QUICK TIP: Before going to this cinema, go to their Instagram account; they post a lot of promotions there so you can get a discount!

Cinema Paraíso Facade in Usaquén
© Photograph by Isabela Gomez


Everything about this neighborhood is romantic, but visiting Hacienda Santa Bárbara mall and getting lost there is another level. This mall located at “Carrera 7 # 115-72” was a colonial land estate and was transformed into a mall that preserved some spaces from the original estate. These spaces have rock floors and wooden beams, and also, some of them have vintage lamp posts and little fountains that are located inside the mall, especially in the main halls. What I love about these blast-from-the-past spaces is that the mall uses them to place the coffee bars and ice cream shops, so it’s perfect for meetings or just for a coffee break!

Quick Tip: During the holidays, they decorate the entire mall with Christmas lights and the result is gorgeous; perfect for social media pictures and also for the memories!

Interior of Hacienda Santa Bárbara's mall in Usaquén
© Photograph by Jorge Láscar

Next time you go to Usaquén or any place in Bogotá, remember to go where tourists and even locals don’t go. Every neighborhood has amazing features to offer and sometimes we just need to live our own experience without any recommendations (obviously with caution). So, have fun, explore the city and let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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