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Warm places near Bogotá to escape the cold of the city

Warm Places Near Bogota

As you may know, Bogota is one of the colder areas of Colombia and can get quite chilly at times, but you can find a lot of great options to escape that cold near the city. Just a few hours away you can have summer and tropical weather all year long with these warm places near Bogotá!

The privileged location of Colombia allows you to enjoy radical changes of temperature in just a few hours. If you chose Bogotá as your main destination, and you want to escape the cold, you can visit different areas around the capital that will offer tropical and summery weather. This article will give you four great alternatives for short trips to warm weather near the Capital.

  1. Villavicencio, Meta.

This city is the capital of one of the most beautiful departments of Colombia, the department of Meta (Colombia is a Unitary Republic that is divided administratively and politically into 33 divisions: 32 departments, which are governed from their respective capital cities and a capital district, Bogotá).

It resembles the customs and landscapes of our neighbor Venezuela, which helps to soak the customs and wonders of both countries in the same place.

It is three hours by car from Bogotá, its temperature ranges between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius, which means that, in a fairly short distance, you can exchange your jackets and pants for shorts and t-shirts.

Villavicencio is a small city, but it is very touristy, you can visit the center and its cathedral, or the different parks and natural areas like Campo Ecologico Gramalote, Parque Los Fundadores, Bioparque Los Ocarros and Vereda El Carmen. It is a good place to enjoy the warmth, nature and tranquility of the outskirts of the city.

Also, near Villavicencio you can visit Caño Cristales, a river that has been called “the river of the gods,” “the river of seven colors,” “the rainbow that melted,” or “the most beautiful river in the world.” If you plan to visit this city, this place should definitely be on your itinerary!

For more information you can visit the website, it is important that you know that Caño Cristales is open only 6 months a year, from the first days of June until the end of November.

There are hotels with very good prices, ranging from accommodation in plains and valleys, to the center of the city, which can cost between USD 15 to 30 (COP 40,000 to 90,000).

  1. Girardot, Cundinamarca.

This city is located in the same department as the capital of the country, however, it is towards the south of the country, also three and a half hours from the capital.

The average temperature ranges between 27 and 28 degrees Celsius,  almost 10 degrees hotter than the common climate of Bogotá, which makes it a small tropical population, perfect for spending one or two days of summer, before continue traveling the wonders of Colombia.

In this city, you can visit its particular cathedral, go to the Piscilago water park, go to the locomotive park (Parque de la Locomotora), jump on parachutes or simply stay at the hotel or house to relax in the pool.

The prices of a comfortable place to sleep and even something elegant, are the same as the previous city, that is between  15 to 30 USD (40,000 to 90,000 COP), which you can find without any problems on sites such as or Airbnb.

Near Girardot, there is also a fantastic place called Anapoima, with similar characteristics. It is another good option in this region. It is perfect to relax in the pool and share with family and friends and you can find good prices on accommodations as well.

  1. Carmen de Apicalá and Melgar – Tolima.

This region is a little further away from the capital, however, it is used by people who live in Bogotá as the ideal place to rest, get away from stress, routine, and spend a weekend or even a little more, enjoying good weather and tranquility.

Both are small towns with few inhabitants and are really close to each other, people are very friendly and are used to foreigners and visitors.

The temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius and is located 4 hours or so from the capital. It is possible to find very cheap accommodation on sites such as Airbnb or, as it is a place for leisure and recreation.

Find a private single from $16 USD (45,000 COP)

Complete houses for your friends and family from $35 USD (100,000 COP) per night.

Of course, all this depends on the season, but it is relatively cheap and it is ideal if you want to get away from the cold and enjoy the tropical climate.

These two particular places, more than to do different activities and visit parks and places of interest, are perfect to go to a hotel or rent a house with a pool and relax for a few days.

  1. Ibagué, Tolima

Finally, it is necessary to refer to the capital of the department of Tolima. As I said earlier, it is an area that is a little further away from Bogotá, but this department has the perfect climate for those who, besides escaping from the cold, want to enjoy the best landscapes and all the culture, food and wonders that this sector has to offer.

In Ibagué and its surroundings, there are many incredible things to do, you can visit its colonial center, the Plaza Bolivar, and its cathedral. Or enjoy the natural parks like:

Cañón del Combeima

Jardín Botánico San Jorge

Reserva Natural Orquideas del Tolima

La Martinica Parque Ecologico.

Or visiting different cultural places and museums such as: Museo de Arte del Tolima (Tolima Art Museum), Parque de la Música (Music Park) and Parque Centenario y concha acústica Garzón y Collazos (Centennial Park and acoustic shell).

It is only four hours and 40 minutes away from Bogotá and its temperature is between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius. As for hotels and places to stay, with plenty of options, and you can find what you are looking for from $15 USD (45,000 COP).

How to get to these amazing places

Now, you are probably already thinking about which destination you want to go first and how to get there. One easy option is by bus, just go to the central bus station located in “Salitre”.

You can get there with a taxi or public transportation, and ask for the module of the place you want to get to or check the screen (for the ones in this article is module 1, 2 or 3 depending on the destination and the company). A bus ticket to one of these locations will be around USD $9-15 (COP 25,000 – 45,000).

You could also rent a car, but you should know this is not a common thing to do in Bogotá. Nevertheless, it is an option if you want to be more independent and be able to use the car to visit the surrounding and parks near the towns at your own pace.

You can check online on sites like, or, to see the best deals. Normally prices range between USD $25 – 70 (COP 70,000-200,000) per day, depending on the car and the insurance coverage.

Also, to choose and reserve where to stay, we recommend you to check on, or on the application that you like must know the options according to your budget.

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, there are wonderful places near the capital that, with little budget and time, will allow you to enjoy your stay in this country and all the incredible things it has to offer with a little bit of heat,  and without going far from Bogotá. So do not think twice, pack your bags, and let’s go for some sun! You can start to crave by reading this article about cold drinks that you definitely have to try “Cold drinks you must try”.

Colombia is known for being one of the countries with most holiday days a year, especially because of religious festivities. These places around Bogotá are perfect to enjoy a long weekend with family or friends. For long weekends, you may also be interested in the article “Places to visit and stay near Bogota”, although they are not so warm, you can find very good alternatives to escape the routine of the city and enjoy a few days of tranquility in the countryside.

Now, these are my favorites options to escape Bogotá weather, do you have others? Share them with us! And check our website Colture for more information and incredible option for your trip to Bogotá and Colombia, you will find everything you need to know.

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