Places near Bogotá: Suesca, a wonderful place for you to visit!

Rock landscape in Suesca

An amazing thing about Bogotá is its proximity to other cities, towns and cool places that you can easily visit! Within just a few hours, you can have tons of different experiences while also witnessing spectacular landscapes, interesting cultures, and awesome activities. Among these places, Suesca is a great choice if you want to escape the city for a bit!

I have to be honest and declare how extremely excited I am about this article because my family owns a house in Suesca and I’ve been going there my whole life, which pretty much means I’m a bit biased. There’s just something magical about Suesca and I don’t know if it’s because of the landscapes, the air, the sky, the peace you feel, or just because it’s an important part of my existence. If you are into outdoor sports and nature, Suesca is the perfect place to go near Bogotá (read our article about other places near Bogotá to visit and stay). It’s mostly known for its gigantic climbing rocks, but even if you are not a rock climber, there are tons of things to do, tons of things to see, and tons of adventures to have!

Basics of Suesca and how to get there

Suesca is a town of about 17,000 people, located 59 km north of the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

Maps of Suesca from Bogotá
© Photograph by Google Maps

If you are in Bogotá, Suesca is just an hour drive, so it’s very easy and practical to go. Because it doesn’t take very long to get there, you don’t have to stay overnight, as you can always go back on the same day.

My recommendation is to go by car or bus, and if you feel more adventurous, you can even bike (read here to know about bike rentals and here to read about car rental) or run the 60 km till you reach the town (I know people that have done it before!). If you are taking a car, you have two options: route Autopista Norte (North Highway) or through Carrera Séptima (Seventh Avenue), which, at the outskirts of Bogotá, connects to the highway as well. You can hop on a bus (like the ones from Flota Alianza) that departs from the North Bus Terminal (located at Calle 192 # 19-43) for around $7.000 COP ($2.23 USD) one-way. Once you get there and depending on what you are doing, you can hop off just before entering the town, which is also the entrance to the climbing rocks and there are hostels and restaurants around there as well.

Suesca is cold as Bogotá, so you’ll have to take warm clothes that will keep you cozy. There are also other places near the city that are warmer, so read our article about them to know more!

The top five things to do in Suesca

I’ve tried to condense my favorites down to five so it’s easier for you!

Rock climbing (shout out to the rock climbing lovers, I’m with you, my friends!) 

Climbing rocks landscape
© Photograph by José Machado

As I mentioned, Suesca is very popular if you want to do some rock climbing, rappelling, or bouldering. There are approximately four kilometers of natural rocks, which makes sense because“Suesca” actually means rock bird! Also, these rocks have been witness to some of the most famous Colombian rock climbers for decades.

Rock climbing is a great sport, not only because it’s good for your physical health, but also because it teaches you to really concentrate on a specific objective or target. It’s also a social sport, where you can meet a lot of cool people that share your same passion!

The main entrance to the rocks is just about one kilometer before town and once you get there, you have to walk along the train tracks for about ten minutes. Don’t worry, the train only passes once per day (and very early), so it’s pretty safe. The entrance to the rocks is free, unless you are going on an organized tour or camping trip. Also, if you bring your own equipment, you’ll save some costs, though you can always rent if you need to (shoes, ropes, carabiners, harnesses, etc). Head to El Nómada Hostel, where you can rent the equipment for about $7,000 COP ($2.23 USD) to $50,000 COP ($16 USD), depending on the item.

A rock-climbing course for amateurs costs around $450,000 COP ($155 USD) for two days and includes all the equipment and the guide. You can do it with El Nómada Hostel or with Vamonos Pal’ Monte.

Outdoor and extreme sports

The rush of energy and the fun you’ll have doing outdoor sports on the beautiful lands of Suesca is something remarkable. And there are activities for all ages and interests. From kayaking on the Bogotá River to mountain biking and rappelling, Suesca offers everything!

Close to the main entrance to the rocks, there are tons of tours, hostels, and restaurants that offer a variety of outdoor sports. Remember that if you go in a group, you can save some of the costs. Take a look at Viajes Oxígeno’s web page to see the different packages they offer, some of which are speleology, rappelling, and rafting. Costs vary between $100,000 COP ($32 USD) and $250,000 COP ($80 USD), depending on what you are doing and the number of people.

Do some trekking through beautiful lands and enjoy the landscape

Sunrise in the Suesca woods
© Photograph by José Machado

Nothing like spending a couple of hours walking through the beautiful landscapes that Suesca offers (not only the rocks, the mountains as well). I can’t describe the peace and fresh air you feel out there, but I assure you that is something worth doing.

There are several traveling companies and hostels that offer very nice, guided trekking around Suesca, and though you can always go by yourself, it’s better to go with someone who knows these vast lands very well. For a two hour trek, you only have to pay around $15,000 COP ($4.70 USD) at most of the hostels or tour companies (such as Viajes Oxígeno).

Try the food in the best restaurants around Ricapizza.

Not just because it’s very good food, but also because after a long day of outdoor fun, it’s always nice to have a well-deserved feast! The hospitality of the people there is something remarkable as well! Ricapizza is located to the right of the main road that leads to the town entrance, next to the rock entrance. Don’t worry about getting lost, everything is pretty close and easy to find!

Food costs vary between $15,000 COP ($4.70 USD) and $50,000 COP ($16 USD) in Ricapizza. There are cheaper places where you can also enjoy very nice food, but Ricapizza is outstanding and I’ve been going there my whole life!

Experience glamping at Niddo

Glamping (glamorous camping) has been increasing in popularity over the years. It’s a very interesting experience where you stay in the woods, but with an actual bed and many other amenities. In my opinion, Niddo is the best place to have this experience, and though it’s a little bit expensive, it’s definitely worth it. Stay in the woods and have amazing food, coffee, good massages, and many other activities like rock climbing, yoga, mountain trekking, and much more.

It costs around $360,000 COP ($86 USD) per night. To get there, you’ll need a car or a taxi. Once you arrive at the main entrance of the town, turn right and follow the road for about four kilometers uphill; you’ll see Niddo’s entrance on the left.

One last recommendation:

Remember that Suesca is a natural destination, meaning that whatever you do, you have to be careful and leave everything just as you find it. Respect the landscape by not throwing any trash or leaving any kind of marks that can destroy the ecosystem.

Path in the middle of the nature
© Photograph by Sofía Machado

Suesca is my favorite place in the entire world, and whenever I go there, I just feel peace and tranquility. It’s really perfect to disconnect from urban life; it’s a place to think, reflect, and enjoy. I hope the information I’ve given you is useful whenever you want to go (you can visit me as well!) And besides being a different and fun experience, you’ll also get a taste of how beautiful Colombia is! Safe travels my friends! 

For other really cool destinations, check our article about Villa de Leyva here.

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