Amazing places to visit and stay near Bogotá

Near Bogotá

I love Bogotá’s outskirts because it has it all: amazing landscapes, unique attractions and natural beauty! Most of the towns around the city can be visited in just one day, but staying for a longer period of time will give you an opportunity to relax and properly enjoy these enchanting spots in Cundinamarca. In this article, I will recommend four destinations which are very popular among “bogotanos”, where you can have an unforgettable travel experience.


Map of Choachí
Google Maps

How far? Approximately 40 km from the city

How long? Approximately 45 to 1 hour, depending on traffic

How to get there? Leaving by the Avenida Circunvalar (north-south route). You can plan your trip with Transoriente.

Bus price: COP $9,500 / USD $3,3 (approximately).

Reasons to visit?: Are you a nature lover? If so, Choachí is a must-go place for you! Here, you can visit the highest waterfall in Colombia (Cascada La Chorrera), leave stress behind by taking ecotourism walks at the Granja Derracamandaca (Derracamandaca farm) or at the Parque Matarredonda (Matarredonda Park) and have a relaxing bath in the popular Termales de Santa Mónica (Santa Monica Hot Springs).

Where to stay: Luna Nueva hotel is a good alternative if you want to explore Choachí.It offers not just different types of accommodation but also puts you in touch with the tour companies and tour guides that offer different tours.

Looking for a relaxing plan? Termales Santa Mónica is a great option for you! It’s located in a wonderful place near the Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes It has a spa where you can get body massages and skin care treatments. It also has hot spring pools where you can melt your stress away.

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Places to Visit and Stay Near Bogota
© Photograph by Nicole C. Oliveira

How far? Approximately 48 km from the city

How long? Approximately 1 to 1 hour and a half, depending on traffic

How to get there? Leaving by the Autopista Norte. Take off at the Portal Norte (Transmilenio station) and you can find buses that go to Zipaquirá. Some of them have a sign that says: “Zipa”.

Bus price: COP $2,800 / USD $1 (approximately).

Places to Visit and Stay Near Bogota
Google Maps

Reasons to visit: The worldwide famous and imposing Catedral de Sal (Salt Cathedral) of Zipaquirá is reason enough to visit this town. Nonetheless, there are other hotspots to visit such as “Estación del tren” (the train station, the Museo Arqueológico (Archeological Museum) and the Centro Cultural Casa del Nobel (The Nobel House Cultural Center) Gabriel Garcia Marquez where tourists can learn about the life and work of this highly recognized Colombian writer. Fun fact: he lived and studied in Zipaquirá when he was a teenager!

You can also find unique attractions near Zipaquirá such as the amazing mina de sal de Nemocon (Nemocon salt mine) and the Rocas de Suesca (Suesca rocks).

Where to stay: Located in the historic center of Zipaquirá, La Posada del Angel has a colonial structure that offers a cozy and intimate environment. It is a good option if you want to soak up the Zipaquira vibe!  

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Guatavita lagoon
© Photograph by Vladimir Valdés

How far? Approximately 73 km from the city

How long? Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes – 1 hour 40 minutes

How to get there? There are three options to get there:  through Autopista Norte, vía La Calera (La Calera route) or Autopista Sopo (Sopo highway). The Terminal de Transporte de Bogota (Transport Terminal of Bogota)  website can help you find the bus companies that go to Guatavita.

Bus price: COP $8,800 / USD $2,8 (approximately).

Places to Visit and Stay Near Bogota
Google Maps

Reasons to visit: The Laguna de Guatavita (Guatavita lagoon) is not just beautiful but also famous because it was the scenario of an important Muisca ritual. According to some sources, El Dorado myth originated from ceremonies that occurred in this place. Fun fact: it’s not exactly located in Guatavita but in the nearby municipality of Sesquilé. Nevertheless, Guatavita is the right spot to stay if you want to visit the famous lagoon, enjoy a relaxing weekend and have a delicious trout at a typical restaurant.

Where to stay: Mirador de Pueblo Viejo is an excellent choice because they offer not just accommodation but plans to enjoy paragliding, ecotourism walks, and ecological hiking. It’s guaranteed fun!

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Places to Visit and Stay Near Bogota
© Photograph by Yassef Briceño García

How far? Approximately 39 km from the city

How long? Approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour, depends on the traffic

How to get there? Transalianza buses to Sopó take off from Portal del Norte (Transmilenio station).

Bus price: COP $4,800 / USD $1,7 (approximately).

Places to Visit and Stay Near Bogota
Google Maps

Reasons visit: Visiting the Parque Ecológico Pionono (Pionono Ecological Park) is a must-do in Sopó! At this ecological park, you can enjoy not just the diversity of the flora and fauna of the place but the beautiful landscape of the Sopó Valley. Having an unforgettable gastronomical experience is also possible in this town. You can spend a nice time delighting your palate at the Cabaña de Alpina (Alpina cabin), which offers mouthwatering and traditional dairy products such as arequipe, pudding, milky beverages and a variety of typical types of cheese.  Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds!

Where to stay: El Pedregal has a typical and campestral decoration that gives it a cozy and pleasant vibe. It’s a nice option if you want to relax, connect with nature and enjoy beautiful landscapes. Camping at the Pionono Ecological Park is also a possibility if you’re looking for a more adventurous stay. For more information, you can send an email to

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Bonus: Suesca, a wonderful place for you to visit! (read our article about it)

Accommodation tip:

Some people prefer to stay at fincas (country houses) instead of hotels while visiting Cundinamarca towns. If you are going with a large group, this might be a good option for you! Some websites that help you find and rent fincas are and

Are you ready to visit (and fall in love with) these destinations? Tell me your experience when you get back! Have you been there? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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