Getting out the city

We know that Bogotá can get pretty hectic as the big and sprawling capital that it's. And, while living here is amazingly enjoyable, it's also normal to seek other places and towns to get out of the city for a bit, have some rest, and restart with the right foot on urban lands! Bogotá has the pleasure to be very well located for all these types of "getting out of the city" plans which you can do on the weekends or for a day. Within a few hours, there are several places you can choose from depending on what you want. Fancy going to an amusement park and a zoo just 45 minutes away from the city? Or maybe hiking for a few hours in one of the most (an unique) ecosystems (páramos) you'll ever experience? What about having a "rock climbing retreat" for a couple of days just one hour away from the city? Well, Bogotá's location offers all these possibilities and much more. Now you know you can have tons of different experiences while also witnessing spectacular landscapes, interesting cultures, and awesome activities. Read more about it in this category!