Best rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Bogotá to conquer

Rock Climbing

Out of all the sports, rock climbing has to be one of the most enjoyable ones! Besides being a total body workout (yaas!), climbing tests your mental stamina, reduces stress, and it’s extremely satisfying. If you fancy a couple of hours of indoor fun, here are the best rock climbing gyms in Bogotá!

Colombia has a lot to offer when it comes to rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors. It has gained more and more popularity over the years, and now you can find dozens of places to enjoy a nice day conquering some walls! I’m a super mega fan of rock climbing and it has helped a lot as well, so I highly recommend it! Outdoor climbing is usually considered the best type of climbing, as you also experience amazing landscapes and an even greater sense of victory (think about Everest, for example). But if you are in a big city like Bogotá, the best option would be to try some indoor climbing. Keep reading to learn more about the best rock climbing gyms in Bogotá!

Before I begin with the list, it’s important to explain that there are essentially two types of rock climbing (there are more though): bouldering and sport climbing. The main difference is that bouldering is done without a rope because the walls are not that high and there are pads beneath you to land on once you want to go down. While sport climbing is done with ropes and harnesses because you climb way higher and it’s the most popular type of rock climbing worldwide.

Now, bouldering is more common in Bogotá and one of the main reasons is because there are great outdoor natural walls just a couple of hours away from the city (such as Suesca, Sutatausa, or Machetá) where you can practice sport climbing. 


Weya boulder gym
© Photograph by Weya’s official website

I’ve been to this gym before and I love it! It’s exclusively for bouldering, so if you are considering this type of climbing, this is the place! Though it’s one of the smallest ones in Bogotá, the wall is amazing and it changes regularly so you can constantly try new routes. The instructors (ask for Julián, Lucho, or Jorge) are all very nice and you’ll have a lot of fun meeting nice people and exercising! 

  • Address: Carrera 20B No. 73-17
  • Phone Number: (+57-1) 732-2314
  • Hours: 3 pm-9: 45 pm Monday to Friday, 9 am-6: 45 pm Saturday, closed Sunday and holidays.
  • Price: Depends if you want free solo practice or training (both daily, weekly, or monthly) and if you need equipment or not. The first varies from $15,000 to $115,000 COP ($4.40-$33 USD approx.) and the training costs between $32,000 and $220,000 COP ($9.20-$63 USD approx.).

Check out their web page here for more info.

La Gran Pared

La Gran Pared
© Photograph by La Gran Pared’s official website

This is the biggest climbing gym in Bogotá and Colombia. Its walls are about 15 meters high and the routes are amazing! It does have a small area for bouldering, but it’s mainly focused on sport climbing. The founders of this place are among some of the best rock climbers in Colombia and even one of them (Rafael Ávila) successfully climbed Mount Everest back in 2010! This is the place to go if you want a break from bouldering as it’s one of the two only gyms in Bogotá that has sport climbing.

  • Address: Calle 52 No. 15 – 27
  • Phone Number: (+57-1) 288-4061
  • Hours: 2pm-9:45pm Monday to Friday, 10am-6:45pm Saturday, 10am-5:45pm Sunday and holidays
  • Price: Daily passes from $18,000 to $31,000 COP ($5-$9 USD approx.) depending on if you are experienced or an amateur and if you need equipment or not. Monthly passes vary from $135,000 to $210,000 COP ($40-$62 USD approx.) depending on the type of services you want (training, equipment, etc.).

Check out their web page here for more info.

Zona de Bloque

Zona de Bloque
© Photograph by Zona de Bloque’s official website

This is the biggest bouldering gym in Bogotá. The place is amazing, with cool walls, routes, and nice instructors to help you out. The slabs, hangs, overhangs, and roofs are very well set up and it’s safe to say that for sure you’ll have a lot of fun here!

  • Address: Carrera 21 No. 50-34
  • Phone Number: (+57-1) 255-4305
  • Hours: 10am-9:45pm Monday to Friday, 9am-9pm Saturday, 11am-5pm Sunday and holidays.
  • Price: It depends: if you want a membership, it would be between $84,000 and $774,000 COP ($25-$230 USD approx.) (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or yearly), classes cost between $33,000 and $205,000 COP ($10-$60 USD approx.) (depending on the number of people) and free practice from $18,500 to $140,000 COP ($5.50-$40 USD approx.) depending on the number of sessions.

Check out their web page here for more info.


Rocopólis climbing gym in Bogotá
© Photograph by Rocópolis’ official website

A small, cute gym located in the north part of the city. I’ve tried it a couple of times and it has good and fun routes to do. Along with La Gran Pared, this is the place to go if you really want to practice sport climbing with high walls and ropes and harnesses. 

  • Address: Carrera 49 No. 128C-17
  • Phone Number: (+57-1) 322 306-1737
  • Hours: 2pm-10pm Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm Saturday, 12pm-6pm Sunday and holidays.
  • Price: For bouldering, one-hour costs $8,000 COP ($2.30 USD approx.) and one day passes are $12,000 ($3.50 USD approx.). If you want to do belay sessions, it’s $14,000 COP ($4 USD approx) for an hour and $18,000 COP ($5.20 USD approx.) for the day. Monthly membership for bouldering is $60,000 COP ($17.80 USD approx.) and for sport climbing with or without classes, it costs between $100,000 and $170,000 COP ($29-50 USD approx.).

Check out their web page here for more info.

Roca Sólida

Bouldering gym in Bogotá
© Photograph by Roca Sólida’s official website

Just like Weya or Zona de Bloque, this gym is only for bouldering. The walls (with a maximum height of 5 meters) have holds with more organic natural forms simulating the rock in different difficulties and inclinations. 

  • Address: Av 19 No. 125 – 26
  • Phone Number: (+57-1) 812-1208
  • Hours: 10am-10pm Monday to Friday, 10am-8pm Saturday, 9am-3pm Sundays and holidays.
  • Price: A day of unlimited climbing costs $17,000 COP ($5 USD approx.). If you want an instructor for two hours, it would be $36,000 COP ($10.60 USD approx.) and if you want a monthly membership, it’s $115,000 COP ($34 USD approx.) (without instructor), and between $176,000 and $200,000 COP ($52-$60 USD approx.) (with instructor depending on the number of sessions).

Check out their web page here for more info.

Cumbre Andina

Rock climbing gym in Bogotá
© Photograph by Cumbre Andina’s official website

The last one closing out our list is also a bouldering gym (surprise!) and it also specializes in cycling if you want to combine it or do something different. It has nice walls and holds and they also offer outdoor rock climbing classes.

  • Address: Calle 78 No. 24 – 45
  • Phone Number: (+57-1) 388 27 84
  • Hours: 8am-10pm Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm Saturday, 9am-5pm Sunday and holidays.
  • Price: It depends if you want classes or free solo practice (from $10,000 to $60,000 COP/ $3-17 USD approx.).

Check out their Facebook here for more info.

To buy rock climbing equipment in Bogotá, head to Suescalada, which is one of the best and most complete stores for buying anything related to this sport or outdoor activities (from ropes to sleeping bags and much more).

A very important thing to take into account when practicing any type of rock climbing is that you don’t necessarily need to be super strong (which is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about this sport). Yes, you do need upper body strength, but what’s just as important or more is technique and mental focus. When you are climbing, it’s just you and the rock, nothing else. This is perhaps the most amazing thing about it: by focusing, you learn to face your fears, to visualize success and to commit completely to a task.

Other benefits of rock climbing include:

  • It’s relatively inexpensive 
  • It can be as individual or communal as you want it
  • It’s easy to pick up 
  • It builds confidence

Rock climbing is never boring, and rather than spending hours at a regular gym (which can be tedious for many), it’s a sport that will keep you fit and that you’ll surely enjoy! I encourage you to visit some (or all!) of the rock climbing gyms in Bogotá I named above and have a total blast!

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Was this article useful? Do you know other rock climbing gyms in Bogotá? Or maybe an experience you would like to share? Please share and/or comment on this article, and visit our Colture to take a look at my articles and many others to find more essential information about Bogotá before and during your trip.

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