Halloween night in Bogotá: tips to survive and have fun

Halloween night in Bogotá

Bogotá knows how to party on Halloween night! You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to go out and celebrate in the city, but you need to be prepared. This article will help you with that!

People in Bogotá love to party and Halloween is the perfect excuse to go out and have a good time. In this city, there is at least one weekend, and sometimes two, when every night club will have a Halloween party and you will see the streets full of people in costumes. Everyone wants to go out that night, so the atmosphere is great and full of energy. However, it can be a little complicated sometimes because of the amount of people. Even so, you don’t have to worry; if you are prepared, there is nothing to fear (maybe ghosts and spirits, but nothing related to your Halloween night in Bogotá). 

Know where you are going 

Like I told you, there are a lot of Halloween parties in Bogotá, so before you actually go out, it is better if you choose where you are going. A lot of night clubs announce their Halloween parties in advance so you can get tickets beforehand. 

You will find options including big parties like the one thrown by Andres Carne de Res every year, parties thrown by famous nightclubs like Theatron or Armando, and even the Halloween electronic music concert “Communion” with the British group Underworld that will be held this year just outside Bogota. But, as I said before, pretty much every bar and nightclub will probably have a Halloween party, so around two or three weeks before that night, you should do your research and select a party based on your music taste, budget, and location.

I normally like to search for parties in medium-sized nightclubs, not the biggest ones like Andres. It’s mandatory that I know it will have all types of music all night, not only electronic and I prefer the ones in Zona Rosa  (the nightlife area in Bogota) so I can check out the amazing costumes on the street before I go partying. 

Lastly, depending on the party, you can spend between $15-$45 USD (50.000 – 150.000 COP) for the ticket (or even more). You will find a lot of variations in the price, but it is normal and will depend on the place, the prizes for the costume competition, if it is an open bar, etc. 

Arrange transportation in advance 

Surely you are already getting an idea about the number of people who go out on Halloween, so if you arrange your transportation in advance, it can save you a lot of trouble especially when you want to go home. That night, transportation is crazy so if you are going out with your group of friends, try to arrange a van or some sort of transportation to take you all together and then take everybody home after the party. You can also schedule an Uber or a taxi to at least pick you up so you can party without worrying.

Choose your costume wisely 

Ok, now, this is a really important part of Halloween, right? Obviously, pretty much every party is going to be a costume party, but there are some things to take into account when you are deciding what to wear. First, in a lot of places (the ones I said earlier for example), there are costume competitions so if your goal is to win a prize, then dress for it! Think original, impressive, unexpected, and head-turning.

Secondly, again, there are going to be A LOT of people, so if your priority is to be comfortable, try to wear something you are not going to be melting in for the entire party. For example, I once saw a poor smurf sweating blue paint, and a guy dying of heat in an M&M suit. Don’t be that guy. However, always bring something to keep you warm when you go out (normally clubs have a place to store coats and belongings, so don’t worry) because, believe me, it can be really cold in Bogotá at 3 am. Also, think about how to add space to your costume to comfortably keep your cell phone, ID, and money and safe (every creature, monster, or character needs a bag so don’t worry about that either).

Thirdly, without much explanation needed, wear comfortable shoes.

Lastly, if you don’t like to dress up for Halloween, don’t worry, they will probably let you into the parties anyway and you will still have a great time (nevertheless be prepared for some places that may not let you in). Just remember that without a costume, you will feel like a fly in milk (a very typical Colombian saying meaning “quite out of place”). 

Hallowwen in Bogotá
© Photograph by Salvador Altamirano on Unsplash

Be ready to party!

Now you are ready to have a blast and party all night! Believe me, you will love the city´s nightlife and you will be surrounded by a lot of energy and good music. So, prepare yourself to give it all on the dance floor on Halloween night in Bogotá (or anytime)!

Read our articles Halloween in Bogotá: celebrate it as you’ve never done before and How to spend Halloween in Bogotá: five ways to enjoy this season for more info.

Do you like to go out on Halloween? What do you like most about Halloween parties? You can comment below! Also, make sure to explore our website to discover other useful articles for your time in Bogotá. Be ready to love this city!

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