How to Enjoy Bogotá During Quarantine: Five Things to Do

© Photograph by José F. Machado

Times are changing – not only because we are experiencing a pandemic, which is rare, but also because life as we know it has been shaken. It’s time to stop and think about how we can still have fun and enjoy ourselves right now and in the foreseeable future. If you are in Bogotá during the quarantine, you can still enjoy what the city offers from the comfort of your home.  

Yes, these are difficult times, and yes, being in self-isolation and/or quarantine is probably something that most of us have never experienced before. But we can still make the most of our time and take advantage of the endless possibilities for experiencing new ways of learning and interacting with people and places. For now, Bogotá is officially in quarantine until April 26th (and probably longer) but even if we can’t enjoy outside and go to the places we used to for a while, we can still take advantage of all the online activities that different groups and organizations are offering. Enjoying Bogotá during quarantine has never been easier and we guarantee you’ll have a fun time!

Watch online theatre and shows

Art never stops. Even if we can’t go to the theater, plays and shows are now coming to your house for your entertainment. The Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo, which is one of the most recognized stages in Bogotá for theatre, opera and concerts, is now offering diverse shows through their platform “Teatro Digital.” You can watch them from your very own couch and enjoy some of the best spectacles. And, it’s actually part of a social innovation program in alliance with Bancolombia.

They offer a free selection of twelve amazing shows: the broadcasts are available the first Thursday of every month at 8:00pm (Colombia time, GMT-5) on and on their Facebook page so you can join from your phone.

In times of quarantine, it’s a good idea to enjoy and support this type of digital art that fosters inclusion and access for diverse populations of any age, socioeconomic condition, or geographic location.

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Shop local

Now more than ever it’s a good idea to support small shops, farmers, and local entrepreneurs; this is of vital importance to the economy, especially in a country like Colombia. During quarantine, we can go out to buy groceries and there are also tons of options for delivery. A good idea is to shop in the plazas de mercado (markets) that Bogotá has so you can support all those small entrepreneurs who, in these times, are still supplying our food with all their effort and love. You can either go in person or ask for delivery.

Here is a list of the contacts for many of the small businesses in numerous plazas. It’s organized by fruits and vegetables, meat, lactose products, etc. Take a look at it here and share it with other people that might need it. Please support them, as they are the ones who are most likely to go bankrupt if this worsens (which hopefully it’s not going to!)

Fruit Markets in Bogotá
 © Photograph by Gomma Media on Komodo La Revista

Take care of your body

Even though it might not be the same, we still have an amazing opportunity to explore new ways of taking care of our body, mind, and soul. Among the options is Fitpal, a Colombian startup associated with tons of gyms and small studios throughout the city, which is now offering many of their classes online. Taught by professionals and for a monthly fee of only $39.000 COP ($10 USD approx.), you can enjoy a variety of routines and workouts focused on pilates, yoga, cardio, and much more. Check their webpage for bookings and more by clicking here.

This is also a way to promote the local economy during quarantine because most of the teachers work or own small gyms and studios. And, if you end up liking it, when all of this is over, you can go to their brick-and-mortar locations and continue supporting them.

Enjoy some of the best museums virtually

There’s nothing like experiencing live art, as museums are definitely some of the most interesting places to visit. Even if we are not able to go for a while, some of the best art in Bogotá is now coming to you with the program #MuseosEnCasa (“Museums at Home”). You can enjoy all the virtual content that museums are offering from the comfort of your own home.

Experience the artistic and cultural diversity of our city and country digitally from your PC or cell phone. For example, Museo del Oro has digital tours in which users can view some exhibits on the history of different archeological pieces and their importance. Click here to do so. Also, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá is showing a wide variety of art to enjoy virtually, especially sculptures and paintings, with a brief description of what each represents. To enter this wonderful place, click here.

Let’s support our art and keep learning and experiencing our wonderful culture!

Bogotá during quarantine - museums
© Photograph by Sura Ark from Flickr

Chat with some of the best Latin American writers

We already have art, theatre, exercise, and food, let us now add another option: literature! Due to the impossibility of having face-to-face cultural meetings, publishing houses and authors are innovating and going virtual to keep offering their content. If you love to read or to experience a good conversation about books and culture, Planeta (a publishing house) has convened 11 Latino American authors to have virtual talks with readers. Topics include science fiction, emotions, astronomy, and much more.

From April 1st to April 13th you can join the live talks here. They also have other activities on Instagram, classes on literary creation, and out-loud readings. As with the activities mentioned before, this is also a way to support and promote local culture and knowledge.

Nobody said this situation was easy, but it’s all about staying positive and rethinking our routine and the way we entertain. There are tons of possibilities to have some fun and if you are in Bogotá during the quarantine, you can still experience the city and have a great time!

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