These are the best places for all movie lovers in Bogotá

Where to watch movies in Bogotá

Bogotá is a dream city for all those who love going to the cinema. There is one movie theatre in every mall and, unlike in many other countries around the world, watching movies in Colombia is a very affordable activity. 

Watch the latest releases in the mainstream cinemas

Cine Colombia 

Founded in 1927, Cine Colombia is the oldest cinema chain in the country with a presence in over 12 cities and they are virtually everywhere in Bogotá. Cine Colombia offers great quality theaters with 2D, 3D, and 4D options. In Bogotá, you can find not only all the blockbuster releases, but also a variety of alternative content such as live opera, indie films, theater, and art shows. Cine Colombia also offers half-price tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for all those who are into saving money!

Keep in mind: The prices of the tickets can vary between $2.54 USD/$8.500 COP and $6.88 USD/$23.000 COP depending on the area where the cinema is located. Therefore, you might be surprised that tickets in Cine Colombia Unicentro may come at a higher price than in Cine Colombia Cedritos. Also keep in mind that Cine Colombia has unlimited soda, so the sky’s the limit!


Introduced to Colombia in 1999, this American chain has over 36 theaters across the country. Cinemark is the main choice for all those who love watching Hollywood’s latest releases. What makes Cinemark special is its Premier screening rooms where, for an extra fee, you get access to a VIP experience with the most comfortable chairs ever and a special selection of food brought to you by a waiter. It is definitely a fancy experience for those who want to indulge or take a date to the next level. 

Keep in mind: On average, a ticket at Cinemark is around $5 USD/$16.000 COP for a standard screening and $8.67 USD/$28.700 COP for a Premier screening.

Watching movies in Bogotá
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Best sound


Located in the south of Bogotá (Plaza de Las Americas), this is the biggest screen in town with heart-pounding audio that promises to fully immerse you in the movie. IMAX is an obvious choice for all those fans of action movies who want to have an experience as close to reality as possible. 

Keep in mind: There is only one IMAX in Bogotá and movie and tech geeks in town love it; therefore, it is best to book tickets in advance. Also, the average price for an IMAX ticket is $5.98 USD/$20.000 COP.

Indie movies

Movies in Bogotá
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Cinema Paraiso 

This beautiful building in Usaquen is one of the most fantastic and iconic movie theaters in Bogotá. This place focuses on showcasing a fine selection of independent and international films for all audiences in cozy, small screening rooms that feel less like movie theaters and more like someone’s sitting room with side tables and very comfortable chairs. 

The average price for a ticket in Cinema Paraiso is $7.17 USD/$24.000 COP.


Located in the iconic neighborhood of Chicó, this small theater has four screens showcasing the best Hollywood and international films from different countries. Unlike typical movie theaters, Cinemania is also a place where people can enjoy a coffee and discuss movies!

The average price for a ticket in Cinemania is $5.98 USD/$20.000 COP.

Cine Tonalá

More than a regular movie theater, this place is a restaurant, bar, club, and art gallery! They curate a selection of movies from all over the world to screen daily for all those who are passionate about this art. Cine Tonalá also showcases classic movies and sponsors a lot of local movie festivals throughout the city.

The average price for a ticket in Cine Tonalá is $3 USD/$10.000 COP.

Movies on a budget

Cinemateca Distrital 

Owned by the city council, this place seeks to promote audio-visual arts by showcasing the best of international and national talent. If you are a fan of documentaries or simply want to watch something different, then this place is for you!

You can watch most of the movies at the Cinemateca for less than $2 USD/$5.000 COP and if you are a student, most of them are free!!

No matter if you are a big Hollywood production fan, a documentary lover, or a foreign movie addict, it is safe to say that Bogotá is the perfect city to please all types of movie tastes and budgets! With high participation in movie production and loads of government resources, this city is a paradise for people of all ages and backgrounds looking to escape reality for a few hours and immerse themselves in the amazing world of movies.  

To check more info about theatres in Bogotá, click here.

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