Weather in Bogotá: tips to help you pack for it!

weather in Bogotá

Although Bogotá is located in a tropical country and you may think that most Colombian cities are extremely warm, Bogotá is an exception. In fact, it has perfect weather: not too warm, not too cold! This article will prepare you for every surprise the weather may have in store for you.

Weather in Bogota is like a roller coaster: full of surprises and unexpected spins but, at the same time, highly enjoyable. After knowing more about this city’s climate, you will envy those of us who have the privilege of living under the best weather in the world year-round. Just wait and see.

Because of its altitude, at 2,625 meters above sea level and its location, in the eastern mountain range of the Andes, weather in Bogota is very different than the average tropical city. Although the capital does not have marked seasons, it is not overly warm like most cities near the equator.

Feels like…

The average temperature in Bogotá is 14°C (apx. 57°F), making it neither too warm nor too cold. However, the temperatures can vary throughout the day between 7°C (apx. 44°F) and 20°C (68°F). Usually, mornings are pretty cold, but it warms up around noon and it cools down again around 6 pm when the sun goes down.

The city´s temperature highly depends on the rain. When it rains, the climate tends to cool quickly. Bogotá has a long rain season, between April and December, so you should know that there is a high chance that it will rain at some point during your stay. Nevertheless, the weather warms up when the sun comes out, and believe it or not, you might end up with a tan or sunburn!

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What to Wear

If you are planning on packing flip flops, shorts and short sleeve t-shirts to come to Bogotá, you might want to re-think your game plan. These will surely come in handy if you are planning on visiting warmer places in Colombia. For Bogotá, it is better to go through your spring wardrobe and bring warmer clothes. You will be perfectly fine with jeans, sneakers, a tee-shirt, and a light jacket. The jacket is key since you will probably end up taking it off and putting it on several times during the day, and you will surely need it at night. You may even want to bring a warm sweater for a cold night.

Also, It will be helpful to pack some rain boots and a raincoat, depending on which season you are planning on visiting the capital. The driest months are from December to March while the wettest ones run from April to June, and from September to November. Even so, it never hurts to have something for the rain in Bogotá, as it could save your day.

An Element of Surprise

In this city, you may have a beautiful sunny and warm morning, a stormy cold afternoon, and chilly cloudy night. Likewise, you could have a rainy morning with a warm, clear afternoon, a gorgeous orange sunset and a cold starry night. The possibilities are endless and you will not experience the same weather twice.

Do not be fooled by the weather you see from your window in the morning. Even if it’s sunny and clear when you get up, do not forget your jacket, you will most likely need it. And seriously this is not the weather for flip flops. If it is rainy in the morning, do not forget to wear something light under your jacket, as you may end up sweating from the heat around 12 o’clock.

To be honest, due to Bogotá´s altitude and closeness to the equator, it is better to bring sunscreen and an umbrella with you at all times. Bogotá will most likely surprise you. But isn’t that part of the fun?

The Perfect Weather

In my opinion, Bogotá offers perfect weather. You can wander around the city without having to suffer from the heat. When it rains, carrying an umbrella is usually enough to keep you going since light rain is more common than thunderstorms. However, if it gets stormy, it usually lasts for a short time, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a hot chocolate and an arepa before resuming your activities.

Furthermore, you do not have to travel very far outside of the capital to find warmer weather, so if you want to take a break from the cold and rain, check out our article Escape the cold: alternatives around Bogotá.

All in all, you are now prepared to come and enjoy Bogotá without committing the common mistakes which end up leaving wet foreigners all over the city.

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