Weather and location

Surrounded by mountains, Bogotá is a pretty high-altitude city –exactly 2600 meters above sea level– and it’s not that far from the equator, which means that we don’t have seasons but we do have weather that changes every day (though there are  times of the year when it rains even more than usual). And so, Bogotá's weather and location are quite unique and special! Normally when you go to another country, you use a purse, backpack, fanny pack or anything that can fit all your essentials inside, but during your visit to Bogotá, things will change, you will have to walk in order to explore the city, experience almost all the seasons in one day and be fascinated by the handcrafted stuff that is around you! With grey or blue skies, Bogotá has its magic and charm; actually, it’s rainy and cold, but cozy atmosphere has been a source of inspiration for many artists and writers! We hope you can come here to experience and learn about Bogotá's weather and location, while also being comfortable and prepared for your trip!
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