Moving around the city: car rental in Bogotá

Car rental Bogotá

Do you want to explore the city and its surroundings? Now you don’t have an excuse to not do it. Car rental in Bogotá can be as easy as buying a bus ticket: you only need a driver’s license and a credit card. 

When you are in Bogotá, the idea is to live the experience like a local. That’s why renting a car can be a good idea to explore the city more, not only to go around the touristy places but also to see other areas and have the freedom to go outside of Bogotá. Especially if you want to go out with your group of friends, this will be an economical way to explore outside the city and avoid having to go to the terminal and take a bus in Bogotá.

Where to rent a car

Here in Bogotá, you can find several places to rent a car. I personally recommend Localiza: it’s cheaper and you can even download their app to find the perfect car for you.

You can also find other companies like Rent a Car Colombia, Car Rentals, ABC Rent a Car, etc. Some of these companies have locations in other cities so you can rent a car, travel to another city, and leave the car there. This is a great idea for traveling around Colombia by yourself and exploring it on your own time.

Car rental Bogotá
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This company has locations around Colombia and it’s really easy to find a car. You can go to a location in person or you can download their app here. They have two types of cars: manual and automatic. Manual cars are really popular here in Colombia and also cheaper than automatic one. Localiza offers daily rentals; the minimum per day is around 72.000 COP / $22.50 USD. You can pick up your car at the airport, in the city center, or in the north of Bogotá.

-Rent a Car Colombia

Here you can find different options for cars. The only pickup is at Bogotá airport, El Dorado. The minimum per day is around 122.000 COP / $38 USD.

What do you need?

Maybe you think that renting a car will be difficult or maybe you think you will need a lot of papers or even a Colombian driver’s license. However, that will not be a problem.

To rent a car, you, of course, need a driver‘s license but it can be international – I recommend you ask the company if they accept the driver’s license of your country. Also, you need to present your current identification document: this can be a Colombian ID or a foreign passport.

You’ll need a credit card, usually from Visa, Mastercard or American Express. The rental company will charge you a deposit fee that depends on the company. This deposit will be retained at the beginning of the rental and refunded in its entirety at the end as long as the car is returned in the same condition in which it was rented.

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Things to keep in mind

  • Read the terms and conditions; they can change depending on the company. I recommend you pay the extra fee to clean the car – you may not have enough time to go wash the car or the car wash may be more expensive than the fee.
  • You need to return the car with full fuel.
  • You need to know the rules of our transportation system. Pico y placa is a set of restrictions for when you can or can’t drive a car based on its license plate number. This is really important so that you know what times you can drive and don‘t get a fine. 
  • Try to leave the city early – between 4:00 a.m and 6:00 a.m – so you can avoid the rush hour and don’t waste time trying to leave.

If you don’t know where to go, you can find some amazing places to visit and stay near Bogotá.

So next time you are trying to plan a short trip from Bogotá, renting a car might be a good option especially if you want to go outside the city on the weekend.

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