Bike rentals in Bogotá: how and where you can do it

bike rentals in Bogotá

If you are visiting Bogotá and you don’t own a bike don’t worry. You can get one in different ways. But you may ask yourself, how? One way is to rent it or, if you don’t have any money, you can get one without spending a penny. Yes, as you are reading it, it is totally free!

As a bike rider and lover, I felt the need to help people from other countries have a better experience while visiting Bogotá, as there are always many benefits to riding a bike. For example, you can exercise while you go sightseeing, you can make friends while riding with other people and you can have a closer look at our culture (read our article about why cycling in Bogotá is the people’s transport and pleasure). I will now tell you where you can rent or get free bikes if you are planning on coming to Bogotá.

How to Rent a Bike for Free

This option helps you save time and money. If you are staying within the city of Bogotá, this option could get you out of trouble.  As I told you before, in Bogotá, you can rent a bicycle for free! Check these places out:

  1. Shopping Malls (service provided only on the weekends)

Shopping malls such as Gran Estación and Hayuelos, share their bicycles for people who want a fun ride. So, why not take the opportunity?  Fill out a form in the website Biciclik, and you are ready to go.

  1. On the other hand, the IDR institution of Bogotá has two bicycle programs:
  • Bicicorredores, (service provided every day of the week)

You can sign up here and you are ready to go! Invite your friends and show them something different. Remember to stay hydrated, apply sunscreen and to check the different bike paths with its respective bike stations.

  • Bike stations at Ciclovía (service provided on Sundays)

Sundays are the perfect day to share time with your friends and family, The Ciclovía has different bike stations every Sunday to rent bikes from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. You must have a valid ID with you. At Ciclovía, you can also enjoy a fresh “salpicón”, a delicious Colombian Fruit Cocktail that you can find throughout your ride. You will not regret it! To know the Ciclovía paths click here.

Pay to Rent a Bike

If you are looking to rent a bicycle for a longer period of time, there are different places and websites to choose different sizes, colors and types of bicycles from, For example:

Bikingbogotá (click here to visit their website).

The service in BikingBogotá is safe, easy and cheap. You can pay online, the approximate price of $8,400 COP (apx. $3 USD) for every two hours.

Invite your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend and teach them how to ride a bicycle in Bogotá. Check out this app; bicimapa and it will help you become a bike expert! Here you can search for events, bike stores, repair shops, parking and more!

Baja bikes: The biggest world-wide operator for bike tours is also a great option to rent a bike in Bogotá. It’s cheap (from $3.50 USD), safe, and fast. Book online and take a look at their webiste here.

Bike Tours

On the other hand, if you want to take a city bike tour in Bogotá, here are some recommendations:

If you want to know more about Bogotá’s history, the historic center and its cafes is a great way to start! Bogota Bike Tours offers a great experience for residents and visitors to discover Colombian culture by visiting interesting sites.

The price is around $55.000 COP (apx. $20 USD).

Bogotravel Tours offers great bike tours such as the graffiti bike tour. This is another experience in Bogotá that you must have! Take photos and share with friends and family the different Colombian graffiti artists. Get carried by art on wheels and make friends on the way!  This is a great plan for every day and any day!

The price is around $55.000 COP (apx. $20 USD).

  • Baja Bikes: Once again, a great option to bike around the city. They have private tours  highlight tours, and tour + bike rental as well. They all last between 4-5 hours an cost from $15-22 USD. Click here to book.

Remember, you must have protective gear for your own safety. Click here for equipment is for your secure: stores to buy bicycle gear in Bogotá

Now that you know how to get a bicycle, you can ride it through the designated bike paths or commonly known as ciclorutas in Bogota, or take a sunbathe at Ciclovía on Sundays or take a bike tour. Please carry sunscreen since Bogota’s sun can be very intense and you don’t want to end up red as a “camarón” or shrimp. It’s time to enjoy by yourself or with your friends, family or alone while riding a bike.  Check this article Apps for bicycles, and become a bicycle expert or if you want to know more about bike groups, click here.

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