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Bogotá’s location: where is it and why it is one of the best!

Bogotá location

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia and is located in the center of the country on a high plateau known as the “Sabana de Bogotá” (Bogotá Savanna), part of the “Altiplano Cundiboyacense.” It sits at an altitude of approximately 2.600 meters above the sea level in the “Cordillera Oriental” (Eastern mountain range) of the “Cordillera de los Andes.” All of these characteristics of Bogotá produce 4 reasons why the location of this beautiful capital is the best.

The Eastern Mountain Range

As you already know, Bogota has the “Cerros Orientales” (Eastern mountain range, oriental is the same as East) and this means that while you are walking, driving a car, sitting on the backseat of a cab or sometimes even from the window of your apartment, you can see all of those beautiful mountains almost all the time. In my case, I love to take pictures while I am walking because this is an amazing landscape that you cannot see in every city. Likewise, if you like to workout, you would probably like to walk, run or ride a bike (see: How to Rent a Bike in Bogotá?) up those mountains. However, if you do not like to exercise, you can see the city from the top of some of the hills that are called ‘Monserrate’ and ‘Guadalupe’ and trust me you will get stunning views of the whole city.

On the other hand, Bogotá is flat like a pancake because it is located in the Altiplano cundiboyacense(Cundiboyacense Upland) and this is why the city is so flat. You do not have to walk up and down hills, it is perfect for bike-riding, walking or running. In my opinion, the city seems more organized, facilitates the construction of bridges and buildings, generates easy access to pedestrians and cyclists and also reduces the consumption of gasoline because you do not have to drive on big hills. Furthermore, Bogotá is a city that is continuously growing and growing.

The Cool Weather

The capital has the perfect climate, the weather of the subtropical upland. This makes the weather of the city unpredictable, for you could wake up and see that the morning is sunny, but then while you are doing a walking tour (see: “The most Incredible Walking tours in Bogota”) it could be raining (I always carry an umbrella in my bag just in case). At night, it will probably be a little bit cold. Moreover, the temperature can vary over the year from 6-20 ° C (43-68 ° F) and that is pretty cool because that means you do not need to buy clothes for every season.

Another good thing is that in Bogotá, you do not need to have an air conditioner or heater due to the weather; you just need a jacket. If you want to know more, have a look at “Weather in Bogotá: How to prepare for it

Bogotá Gastronomy

Due to the “Cordillera de Los Andes” (Andes Mountains), incredible and delicious types of potato can be cultivated. They are called “Criolla, Sabanera, Pastusa” and they are different sizes, colors, and tastes. Thanks to these 3 types of potato, one of the most typical, delightful and actually my favorite food in Bogota can be prepared. It is called “Ajiaco,” and trust me, you should try it because the taste is inexpressible.

On the other hand, because of the moderately cold nights, the people from Bogota are used to drinking , famous sweet and hot beverages “Agua de panela” (sugar cane water) and “Chocolate Santafereño” (Santafereño Hot Chocolate). Almost every time we put cheese in those hot drinks (I know it sounds weird, doesn’t it?) You should try it and then let me know what you think. If you want to know more about the delicious food that you should try in Bogotá check out: “Foods you must try in Bogotá”.

Strategic Location and People

Bogota has a strategic location in the center of the Americas and a well-connected airport (See: Tips for your arrival to El Dorado airport in Bogotá) with several daily flights to all major cities in the Americas. For example, it’s about 6 hours by plane from the main cities like New York,  Mexico City, and Sao Paulo and this is amazing because you can find direct flights.

Additionally, you can easily find in-country flights and buses as well, as they will take you to other amazing cities, villages, and islands within the country. Due to its strategic position and air connections, many companies have chosen Bogotá for their regional headquarters, shared service centers and logistics hubs to serve Latin America. Therefore, Bogotá is a very multicultural city and I, like that because you can work, study and hang out with people from all over the world! It’s an amazing vibe that I can’t describe!

Well, those were my 4 reasons of why Bogotá’s location is one of the best. If you can think of more reasons, do not hesitate to write them down in the comments. Thank you for reading my articles and be sure to subscribe to continue reading them! Don’t be afraid to explore around our website, it has a lot of interesting articles and topics that probably you are looking for!

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