Supporting Grocery Delivery Alternatives in Bogotá

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In a time when we are not supposed to leave our houses and the whole economy has been affected, we should support one another. Nowadays, we can count on several applications that allow us to get groceries delivered. However, there are way more options beyond Rappi or Uber Eats. We would like to share with you a range of local shops, producers, farmers, and small businesses that have shifted their operations in order to deliver their products to your doorstep. 

From the Farm to Your House 

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If you find yourself looking for fresh fruits and vegetables and you also fancy helping out farmers and local producers, we have a few options for you! 

  • La Canasta is an organization that offers a wide variety of fresh harvest options, including fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, leaves, herbs, eggs, mushrooms, dairy products, bakery items, veggie burgers, granolas, condiments, legumes, and much more. They work hand-in-hand with local producers and you can order baskets that range from ($10.000/$2.50 USD) to ($63.000 COP/$15 USD), or individual items at a fair price online here
  • Escarola Orgánicos is another organization committed to sustainability and organic food. They offer a wide variety of options from aromatic herbs, to seasonings, fruits, and veggies, mushrooms, dairy, eggs, poultry, bread, etc. You can order anything from bananas for $982 COP/ $0.25 USD to a large organic basket for $140.000 COP/$35 USD here

Helping Restaurant Suppliers 

Grocery alterntives bogota
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Other businesses and suppliers had to reinvent themselves in order to reach individuals instead of restaurants, and now, they are offering grocery delivery in Bogotá. Here are a few options to look at:

  • If you fancy some organic greens, Villa Paz El Hortelano is the place to get them. Additionally, they also sell vegetables, sprouts, fermented products, and salads, among other things. You can discover products from $7.000 COP/$2 USD for a bag of mustard spouts to $23.000 COP/$6 USD for a trout. After you complete an online registration, you can get the delivery.  
  • On the other hand, ViveAgro sells washed and disinfected products, ready for consumption. They partnered up with the NGO Fundación Hogar Integral, so whenever you buy a box of their products (fruits, vegetables, root veggies, herbs, etc.) the NGO gets one too. Their offerings and prices range from a small box of fruits ($62,200 COP/$15 USD) to a large box ($89,800 COP/$22 USD) or a small box of vegetables ($69,800 COP/$17 USD) to a large box ($98,400 COP/$24 USD). They deliver their boxes in different sizes and varieties on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 

Supporting Farmers with a Click

Groceries alternatives bogota
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The following options offer a way to support farmers with fair pay and working conditions, so both parties benefit the consumers and the producers, without an intermediary. 

  • Raices Agro Market delivers fresh farm products from their crop to your house in baskets. Their repertoire includes organic eggs, brown sugar, coffee, fruits, and vegetables, among others. Their prices range from $1,200 COP/$0.30 USD for a plantain to $12.600 COP/$3 USD for a mushroom tray. You can contact them through their Whatsapp number, complete your order online, get your bill, and then provide your proof of payment. 
  • Siembra por Metro harvests organic products and works hand-in-hand with farmers doing “crop scheduling,” which enables the producer to ensure they have the necessary quantity of each product available according to the needs of their customers. They offer a variety of vegetables, herbs, spices, condiments, fruits, exotic arepas, eggs, honey, pollen, artisanal bakery items, mushrooms, and sprouts that range from a price of $1,200 COP/$0.30 USD for parsley to ($36.000/$9 USD) for spirulina powder, which you can get online
  • Collecta seeks to connect farmers with consumers through organic and sustainable products that arrive at the consumer´s doorstep the same day they are harvested. You can find a range of products including vegetables, ancestral grains, fruits, chocolate, herbs, snacks, and eggs. They also sell packages of their harvest in different sizes: small ($40.000 COP/ $10 USD); medium ($66.000 COP/ $16 USD) and large ($120.000 COP/$30 USD), and you can order them here

Online Supermarkets and Apps

Grocery alternatives in Bogota
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Last but not least, here are other options that offer more products online or in applications for grocery delivery in Bogotá. 

  • Frubana works as an online supermarket where there is a wide variety of animal products and categories other than groceries, like health and beauty, laundry, and household products. They also offer a family kit for $70.000 COP/ $17 USD and a family + hygiene kit for $100.000 COP/$25 USD. You can also buy groceries of any kind here.
  • Tienda Campesina is another online market where you can get a variety of fruits, vegetables, root vegetables, leaves, herbs, legumes, and other items. Prices range from $780 COP/$0.20 USD for celery to $15.000 COP/$4 USD for portobello mushrooms. After you place your order, they deliver to Bogotá within one or two days. 
  • Gourmet Inc provides you with veggies, fruits, eggs, and cheese that you can order online and have delivered to your doorstep. Their prices vary from $1.400 COP/$0.35 USD for coriander to $25.000 COP/$6USD for an artisan greek yogurt.  
  • Plaz is an app that offers high-quality fruits and vegetables across Bogotá. Their delivery zone extends from Calle 26 to Calle 152, and from the Cerros Orientales to the Avenida Boyacá.


It is time to help others out, to fulfill our needs by supporting small businesses, farmers, and all the people who work to provide such vital services. Find out more about budget-friendly grocery stores and grocery shopping here

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