The top 5 burger joints you should try while visiting Bogotá

Top burgers in Bogotá

If there is one particular dish that has made its way through the whole globe, it’s got to be burgers. Everywhere you travel, you’ll find a burger joint and Bogotá is no exception! Here are my top 5 burgers you should try while being in this amazing city.

Nowadays, the city has more restaurants than ever and the burger business is not falling behind. With all the new techniques and great ingredients, it seems like the quest of becoming the best burger joint in town is more exciting than ever! Here are my top 5 picks, all different in style, price, and location, but with something in common: they all have mastered the tasty art of putting a patty of meat between two buns!


Located in the iconic neighborhood of Usaquén, this restaurant started as a gastropub serving all sorts of Mediterranean-inspired dishes but quickly became famous for its amazing burgers made with 85% lean meat between two buns of potato ciabatta. The burgers are stuffed with Colby cheese, smoked bacon, and finished with tempura onion, char-grilled tomatoes, and their amazing homemade aioli. 

After being voted as the best burger in Bogotá in 2017, they opened another branch in Zona G, called Bícono Burger where their main focus is selling a ‘fast food’ version of their signature burgers by offering only 3 options for those looking to grab a quick and affordable bite on the go.   

(Mushroom addict burger)
© Photograph by Bícono on

Open hours: From noon to 9 pm.

Cost: A 140gr burger with chips and soda costs $7.50 USD/$25,000 COP

Click here to go to Bícono restaurant and here to go to Bícono burger 

Check out the menu here.

Burger Music

This place is great for those who can eat loads (without getting sick). Their huge burgers combine the traditional preparations of an American burger with a lot of local ingredients and flavors like arepa, fried queso costeño, and fruits. This restaurant has three branches: one close to Santa Bárbara, one in Zona G, and another one close to Unicentro, and it is very common to see people lining up outside to get a table. I recommend you try the Chicamocha burger (named after the Chicamocha Canyon) made with arepa Santandereana inside it. Make sure you try all their house sauces which are fantastic and keep in mind, their burgers are massive so you might want to wear loose clothing for extra room! 

© Photograph by Burger Music on

Open hours: From noon to 11 pm.

Cost: A 180gr burger with chips and soda costs 

$8.36 USD/$28,000 COP

Click here to go to Burger Music on 116, here to go to the one in Zona G and here to go to the one close to Unicentro. 

Check out the menu here.

Home Burgers

This restaurant focuses on offering the best version of a fast-food burger you can possibly have in Bogotá. Their main goal is to provide a small simple menu with high-quality ingredients at the fastest speed possible. You can have a single or double cheeseburger, a fried chicken sandwich, or a veggie burger, and that’s all. Home Burgers is a fairly new place (they opened their first shop back in September 2015), but they have grown rapidly to having over 10 different branches in Bogotá and 3 in Medellín! You can expect a line, but also expect to be served fast, and trust me the wait is worth it once you have a bite of your burger with some of their signature home sauce.

© Photograph by Home Burgers on

Open hours: From noon to 9 pm.

Cost: A double cheeseburger with bacon, chips and a beer costs 

$7.50 USD/$25,000 COP

Click here to go to find the closest Home Burger to you.

Check the menu here.

La Xarcutería

This fantastic gastropub opened up its doors 11 years ago and is a very good option for those looking to have a more “high-end” dining experience while eating an amazing burger made with the best cuts of meat in town. Their main asset is that most of the food they serve is produced by them or purchased from local farmers or chefs who share their same love and passion for creating local goods. Their meat patties are produced daily to make some of their classic favorites, like the bleu cheeseburger served with bacon, tomatoes soaked in herbs, rocket, crispy onion bites, and their signature aioli. Their chips are also very special for being fried in a spicy tempura batter.

Freshly made burger
© Photograph by La Xarcutería on

Open hours: From noon to 10 pm. 

Cost: A bacon cheeseburger with chips and a soda costs 

$10.44 USD/$35,000 COP

Click here to go to find the closest Xarcutería to you.

Check the menu here.

Foodbox burgers

This is the newest restaurant on the list, but it quickly became famous for its tasty burgers made with 100% Angus beef, tasty brioche, their signature Jameson sauce (yes Jameson whiskey), and their other creative dishes, like the octopus burger and their cheesebox. This pet-friendly restaurant has two really nice shops: one in Chicó and the other one in Santa Bárbara, and has become a must for all the burger lovers out there looking to try the next new burger in town. 

© Photograph by Foodbox burgers on

Open hours: From noon to 9 pm. 

Cost: A 270gr bacon cheeseburger with a soda costs 

$6.71 USD/$22,500 COP

Click here to go to Foodbox Santa Bárbara and here to go to Foodbox Chicó.

If you are looking for a proper sit-in or a quick fix on a busy day, having a burger always sounds like a great idea no matter the company, the weather, or the day. I encourage you to try these fantastic places and discover all the different reinterpretations of this classic dish and see how we do it in Bogotá. 

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