10 Restaurants in Bogotá that have Delivery and/or Take Out during Self-Isolation

© Photograph by Patrick Connor on Unsplash

Life as we know it has changed drastically and because of this, many businesses and restaurants have found new ways of reinventing themselves. Here are our 10 top choices for restaurants in Bogotá that have delivery and/or take out to support during and after the quarantine. 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak, many restaurants and local shops around Colombia have closed their doors and Bogotá, of course, is no exception. This has led to new challenges and opportunities to rethink how to make a profit, especially for local businesses who are more likely to be affected by the self-isolation measures.

We are facing a situation that perhaps we never could have imagined and it has changed every aspect of our lives. Now, as constantly changing humans, we need to evolve with the situation as well. We have more time on our hands than ever before, and it has opened up new ways of doing things: people are working from home, learning at home, and staying inside for as long as needed to be safe. However, some of these changes have brought new adjustments for businesses.

We have always enjoyed eating out, talking with friends over a good dinner, or having a dessert at the local pastry shop. And let’s face it: we all love eating and we all have to eat. Eating is a necessity and cooking may be tiring from time to time. That is why now is the perfect time to try delivery food services or takeout provided by restaurants while supporting local business, restaurants, and small producers. 

Some restaurants are adjusting their menus and adapting their business plans by taking over social media, creating a do-it-yourself experience, or teaching recipes for you to try at home. Others have even come up with quarantine meal packs. But, all of them are creating new strategies for surviving this pandemic and staying afloat. 

Right now, it is important to support our local community, stay safe and positive, take care of each other, and try new things, which is always a good option. For this reason, we have made a list of the top 10 local restaurants and businesses with delivery or takeout options to support during the quarantine and self-isolation.

Quinoa & Amaranto: Started as a healthy restaurant and kitchen, Quinoa & Amaranto eventually became a fair-trade shop and online organic market downtown in La Candelaria. They are associated with local organic producers, so you can go to their website and order from tons of different options. They also have a meal-of-the-day menu for lunch for you to give a try.

  • Open from 11am – 2pm
  • Delivery within Bogotá: +57 3108500710 
  • Address: Calle 11 #2-95
Restaurants with delivery and take out in Bogotá
© Photograph by Suna

Crepes & Waffles: This famous chain came alive when two students got together to create a kind of French creperie and has become one of the most successful local food chains in Bogotá and in Colombia. With a philanthropic philosophy, Crepes & Waffles supports women and single mothers and its menu is perfect for any palate. Their delivery service is available on platforms such as Rappi and Uber Eats.

Puerta de Alcalá: Located in Usaquen, this is a Spanish restaurant with more than 20 years of experience in tapas, paella, wines, and tons of flamenco that take you directly to Spain. New quarantine offers and menus are available on their social media accounts and website

  • Tel: 2133318 – 6201219
  • Address: Calle 118 #5-13 

Toshiro: This restaurant continues the Nikkei tradition of adapting Japanese dishes into Peruvian cuisine. Located in Chico Norte, this is the perfect option for sushi lovers. Check out their social media for more info. 

  • Open from 11:00 to 7:30pm
  • Tel: +57 3219283179 – 0312566724
  • Address: Calle 90 11-13

Suna: Suna is a family-run organic market and restaurant in Rosales and Chico. If you are looking for gourmet food and healthy options, then this is the place to get it. 

  • Tel: 747-7600
  • Rosales: Calle 72 Bis #5-09
  • Parque 93: Calle 93a #12-35 Salvio-Second Floor

Street Bao: Bao are steamed buns and, as you can guess by their name, they are Asian street food! This option is perfect for lovers of Asian cuisine. 

  • Hours: Monday through Thursday, 12 – 9pm / Friday and Saturday 12 – 10pm / Sunday and holidays 12 – 8pm
  • Tel: 6169815 
  • Address: Calle 90 #11-13  / C.C. Santa Ana, 3rd Floor

La Bifería: Founded 15 years ago, La Biferia is a steakhouse chain and even though they aren’t running deliveries, they have come up with a line of raw meat cuts as well as a limited menu to pick up at the restaurant and have a delicious experience.

  • Usaquén: Carrera #117-40  – Cel +57 3202049290 – 2104322
  • Zona G: Calle 69a #5-61 – Cel + 57 320344 3425 – 3456190
  • Calle Anticuarios: Calle 79b #8-79 – Cel + 57 320 204 5355 – 2104322 
  • Calle 109 #17-14 – Cel + 57 320 3443441 – 2142673

Julia: There should be a monument to pizza! This option will always be the easiest and most perfect one for lunch, dinner, or for an afternoon spent watching movies. Their vegetarian options are endless and so are their traditional pastas. They have even created a frozen pizza option for you to cook at home – you can order it on Rappi or directly from the restaurant.

  • Tel: 5415606
  • Deliveries in Rosales – Carrera 5 #69a-19

Mabhana: If you feel like trying something new, then traditional Lebanese food should be a good option. The restaurant has been cooking Arab cuisine for 15 years and they just opened their new spot in Chico Norte. Even if we can’t go yet, you can order some of the most delicious Lebanese food you’ll ever try!

  • Tel +57 315 3563753
  • Address: Carrera 14 #90-15. 

Cantina y Punto: A restaurant inspired by contemporary Mexican culture in combination with cosmopolitan Bogotá, they are part of the Takami group, which is a group of restaurants and has also launched a very interesting cocktail delivery service.

  • Tel: 6447766
  • Address: Calle 66 #4a-33
Restaurants with delivery and take out in Bogotá
© Photograph by (Takami)

Last but not least, because of these temporary circumstances, many entrepreneurs have come together to create deestasalimos.co. This is an initiative for all food lovers to preorder from the restaurant of their choice and enjoy the meal later after the quarantine has ended in order to support them during this tough time. 

This too, shall pass, and we can learn from it. We invite you to keep calm and, with a little extra help, support each other locally. We will make it together! Hope you enjoyed this info about restaurant delivery or take out in Bogotá.

If there is something you want us to write about, please let us know on social media and go check out more related articles on our site, colture.co.

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