Orso Heladería: a classical Italian ice cream shop in Bogotá

Orso Heladería ice cream

When the sun comes out, ice cream is the way to go. Orso Heladería mixes Colombian ingredients and Italian tradition in order to create an experience that goes far beyond traditional ice cream. With cute little stores and creative ways to serve ice cream, this place is a must in Bogotá.

Bogotá is a thriving and lively city, but sometimes, all you want is a little peace and quiet to get away from it all. Orso Heladería is perfect for these occasions. This small gourmet Italian-like ice cream shop has four locations around the city, which are bound to make you fall in love.

The Food

Ice cream
© Photograph Paula Aponte

The philosophy behind the products is to combine Italian gelatos with Colombian products, so just like Italian ice creams, these are soft and creamy, but they have Colombian vibes. These craft ice creams are perfect for a sunny afternoon with some friends or those of us with a sweet tooth.

Orso Heladería offers traditional flavors such as Stracciatella and Amarena, but they also have some inspired by Colombian fruits such as curuba, lulo, and feijoa. My personal favorite is Chai tea with banana, it tastes outrageously good, plus you can’t get it anywhere else.

In case the ice creams aren’t enough of a temptation, they also have different options to add some funk. Milkshakes. Brownies from Chocology, which basically melt in your mouth. Fresh buns with Nutella and ice cream inside. And their best seller: warm cookies with your favorite flavor of ice cream on top. A traditional cone with two scoops costs $6,900 COP ($2.5 USD) and the more exotic choices vary between $6,900 and $12,900 COP ($2.5 – $4.5 USD).

The place

© Photograph Paula Aponte

Bogotá can get a little hectic and these ice cream stores are great places to get a little bit of me-time or for a casual evening with friends. They have four stores in North Bogota’s main dining and cultural centers: Usaquen (Calle 117 # 6a – 60), Zona T (Carrera 9 # 81a – 19), Zona G (Calle 66 # 4a – 08), and Parque de la 93 (Carrera 11a # 93 – 94).

You may be wondering how you are going to get some peace and quiet if all the stores are in the middle of all the action. Well, they aren’t on the main streets, but on small and calmer streets within walking distance from all these gastronomical epicenters.

All the stores have no more than a couple of basic wooden tables with some stools and maybe a sofa. They use simple materials like concrete and bricks that make a lovely contrast with the mosaic tiles on the floor. Additionally, the ones at Parque de la 93 and Zona T have small terraces with nice fresh air.


Orso Heladería offers special flavors that change on a monthly and weekly basis, so it is worth asking about those.

My favorite store is the one on Calle 81 because it is the smallest and cutest, but the one in Usaquén is the most modern.

Last but not least, if you are up for other groovy ideas, take a look at  The best BBQ hidden in Chapinero Alto or KO. Also, for other restaurant reviews, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Degusta as Espacios y Sabores.

Go and indulge in ice cream’s lover’s heaven! 

Bonus: Their coffee is Devoción, so it is really good quality – in case you are looking for something to go with your dessert.

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