La Fama: The best BBQ hidden in Chapinero Alto (East Bogotá)

La Fama BBQ

Within Bogotá’s famous eastern hills lies a traditional North American BBQ that makes for a worthy cheat meal. At a rusty yet trendy location, you will find a place that will make anyone become a meat lover.

Chapinero has become one of Bogotá’s trendiest neighborhoods. Full of galleries and dining options, this is definitely an area worth exploring. Hidden in the middle of all of it is La Fama, a casual restaurant perfect for anyone craving a juicy steak without all the hassle that comes with fine dining.

The food

© Photograph Paula Aponte

Inspired by the cooking techniques of traditional North American BBQs and the flavors of Colombian asados (our version of a BBQ) comes a unique dining option. At La Fama, they serve meat in all its forms! Beef! Pork! Chicken! You name it and they probably have it!

The menu is designed to mix and match different main dishes and sides in order to make your own BBQ. Most of their cuts are slow-cooked, meaning they were seasoned and then placed in a BBQ for 12 to 24 hours. Thanks to this process and the quality of the products, the meat is very tender. La Fama serves hands-on food that is finger-licking good!

The place

La Fama BBQ
© Photograph Paula Aponte

At first glance, you might miss it, but hidden behind a warehouse-like facade at Calle 65 bis # 4 – 51 lies this gastronomical jewel. An old warehouse was turned into a modern yet laid-back restaurant. Amazingly, most of the materials used are actually recycled from loads of demolitions around the city. Don’t worry, this gives it a rusty look without sacrificing the quality of the space.

After entering, you will find yourself next to the kitchen which opens up to a large and naturally lit dining hall full of long tables with benches, designed to share with other fellow meat lovers. Here, your meat cravings will be enhanced by the amazing smells and the sight of your tablemates’ food.

The second dining area is slightly smaller and perfect for those looking for a more intimate meal experience. Surrounding a colorful bar are some smaller wooden tables with minimalist metal chairs designed for groups of 4 – 8 people.  

La Fama has its own valet parking, but my recommendation would be to walk there to get the most out of the Chapinero neighborhood, plus it is only a couple of blocks away from the lively Zona G. Price-wise, the appetizers are around $15,000 COP and main dishes are around $25,000 – $30,000 COP (roughly $10 USD) and 100% worth it. In case you want to know more about them before going, you can check out their Facebook or Instagram page, but trust me, not going would be a huge “missed steak!”


The pork ribs and the papas criollas with sour cream are literally to die for. You can’t say you have been to this restaurant if you haven’t tried them.

Sundays, the place is cramped so try going some other time and book in advance.

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Go and indulge in meat lover’s heaven! 

Bonus: This restaurant only buys meat from local farmlands that guarantee sustainable cow-raising.

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