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KO: trendy Asian cuisine at its best in Bogota’s Parque 93

KO indoor space

On the ground floor of Salvio, the trendy new office building in Parque 93 in Bogotá, lies KO, an Asian restaurant that will excite all your senses. With a bar, a terrace, and a dining area, they have different settings that are bound to fit with your night out.

Sometimes choosing is difficult. A fancy night out or a simple evening? Thai or Indian? Drinks or dinner? KO makes it simple. They give you all the options under the same roof, so you can decide what type of a night it is and what kind of Asian food you are craving.

The food

Restaurant in Bogotá
© Photograph Paula Aponte

Asian cuisine is becoming really trendy in Bogotá. Adding to the diverse options that already exist, comes KO; simple Asian cuisine at its finest. They focus on giving the ingredients the importance they deserve, meaning that with simple yet precise combinations, they create unique and explosive flavors. 

Asia is a continent that produces all types of gastronomical experiences, so combining them seems a little overwhelming. To make this simpler, the menu is divided into different sections depending on the country where the food originated. They combine popular choices such as poke and sushi, with lesser-known options like dim sum and Asian tacos, meaning there is something for everyone!

My recommendation would be to share plates from different regions. If you are a little confused about what to choose, the waiters are really friendly and are more than happy to guide you through the whole experience. 

Following Osaka and La Lucha Sanguicheria Criolla, KO is the third Peruvian food franchise that has come to Colombia thanks to Elemento 4K and MCK Restaurants in Lima. This is the first restaurant they have that doesn’t offer Peruvian cuisine and is a definite must for any foodie.

The place

Inside KO
© Photograph Paula Aponte

On the ground floor of Bogota’s new trendy multifunctional building Salvio 93 (Calle 93 a # 12 – 35) is KO. Since the building is in the middle of Parque 93, it is super easy to get to walking, on a scooter, public transport, or a car. It is on the southern side of the park and with its gorgeous wooden facade, it is hard to miss. 

KO has two terraces that face the park and an indoor area that lies between an open kitchen and the bar. Even though there is only one large area, they have managed to create different settings that include tall tables ideal for some drinks, long tables for casual lunches, a bar for simple snacks, and small tables for traditional nights out. 

What I love about the place is that they use simple materials and a basic color palette that creates a nice contrast with the explosive food that is served. Plus, it feels like a trendy minimalistic Asian restaurant you would find in cities such as NY, Paris, and London.


KO food
© Photograph Paula Aponte

My personal favorite: the coconut shrimp tempura (first photo). The one that everyone is going crazy about is the nori tacos, thanks to the fab combination of flavors.

If you want to go for lunch, you should be fine, but if you plan on having dinner there, I recommend making a reservation to avoid having to wait.

Last but not least, if you are up for other groovy ideas, take a look at El Cebollero or Orso heladería. Also, for other restaurant reviews, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Degusta as Espacios y Sabores.

Go and try all Asia has to offer under one same roof! in KO!

Bonus: they have some really cool beverage options that are worth a try too.

Don’t forget to keep checking out the homepage for future articles.

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