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Indio: brick oven pizza, cocktails and a hint of architecture!

Food at Indio

On the first floor of a Bauhaus building from the ’50s is Indio, an Italian-inspired pizzeria. With an indoor space around the brick oven, a romantic terrace, an amazing variety of pizza, and a couple of inspiring cocktails, this place is an amazing choice for a date night or a sunny afternoon with friends in Bogotá.

“Indio is the husband of Madre”. From the same creators of Madre (calle 12 # 5 – 83) and Padre comes Indio: a small hip Italian restaurant tucked away behind a large metal black door. The place is small enough to satisfy hipsters in search of new places to visit and large enough to host a big party of friends.

The Food

Cocktail at Indio pizzeria
© Photograph Paula Aponte

Indio is an Italian restaurant that specializes in brick oven pizza and they offer a long list of pizzas that are bound to satisfy everyone’s palate! Most are innovative combinations specially designed by the chef, each costing around $30,000 COP ($10 USD). My personal favorite: Pizza Estrella Fugaz, it comes with white sauce, prosciutto, green apple, fontina cheese, and arugula rocket.

The starters and desserts are just as good, and most are very innovative. To begin your night out, I would go for the mango and spinach salad. Tip: Add a little chili to spice it up! As for desserts, they have quite a few options. One mixes two of my favorite things: chocolate and gin!!! Their Nutella pizza with Hendricks ice cream is literally unmissable. Amazingly enough, it tastes even better than it sounds!!! Do be warned that this ice cream will probably get you drunk faster than a cocktail.

Speaking of which, Indio’s other specialty is cocktails. That’s why if after dessert you are still in the mood for a little more fun, I would definitely recommend checking out their list of trendy cocktails. These go from gin to rum and come with anything ranging between a lemon and exotic Colombian fruits. Prices are around 25,000 COP ($8 USD) per drink. 

The Place

Indio pizzeria
© Photograph Paula Aponte

Chapinero Alto is quickly becoming one of Bogota’s gastronomical hubs. In the middle of it, on the first floor of Sergio Trujillo’s iconic house lies Indio. Located at Calle 58 # 3A – 44, the restaurant is easily reachable by public transport running on Carrera 7, taxi, uber or private transportation. 

The house was designed by Victor Schmid in the 50s and with its Bauhaus (an architecture and design style born in Germany in 1919) vibes, it’s hard to miss. The aim of Bauhaus was to incorporate all types of elements ranging from chairs to buildings and design them under the premise that aesthetics must follow function. However, locating the restaurant can be a bit of a challenge (just like Madre and Padre). It’s tucked away behind a large black metal door parallel to Calle 58.

Indio pizzeria as two atmospheres, both equally amazing. The first, an indoor area around a wooden oven, with dimmed lights and the smell of fresh pizza. The second is an open-air terrace, surrounded by a wooden structure and plants, ideal for a romantic dinner or a sunny afternoon with cocktails and friends.


  • I can’t think of a better time to visit this restaurant than a sunny Saturday afternoon, but I would make a reservation just in case.
  • Pizzas are personal size, but I think that they are very generous, so sharing is probably a good option. Plus, you will have more room for dessert.

Last but not least, if you are up for other groovy ideas, take a look at Demente Chicheria or Boho Food Market. Also, for other restaurant reviews, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Degusta as Espacios y Sabores.

Go and have a funky afternoon in the sun at Indio pizzeria! 

Bonus: you can book at this restaurant on Atrapalo and get a 31% discount! 

Don’t forget to keep checking out the homepage for future articles.

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