Goodies and Delicacies Products in Bogotá to Support Locals

© Photograph by @myriamcamhigourmet

During this period of quarantine and self-isolation, it’s important to take care of ourselves. For that, it’s necessary to indulge our palates once in a while. Here are some good options for goodies and delicacies products in Bogotá that can be ordered right to your doorstep.

Self-isolation is not synonymous with carelessness. On the contrary, it is the perfect opportunity to take care of ourselves. In these moments, when it is difficult to maintain morale because of all the restrictions and challenges we have, indulging in luxury from time to time can help you feel better. In this article, you will get to know some products for spoiling yourself while supporting local producers who will greatly appreciate your help.

Whimsical Desserts

Goodies and Luxurious Products in Bogotá
Cheesecake de frutos rojos / ©Photograph by @zoerestaurante

After lunch or between meals, you can order delicious ice creams, desserts or chocolates from the following places:

  • Gelateria da Favola: Delicious gelatos with infinite flavors. For questions or to place an order, click here.
  • Crepes & Waffles: The most classic of all rolled out exclusive ice cream for quarantine: Dulce cuarentena. Write to them via Whatsapp at 3203940193 to place an order.
  • Myriam Camhi: You can find the most typical Colombian desserts here. To ask about their delivery service, write to the number 3176444035.
  • Zoe: A must-try Bogota bakery and patisserie. Fill out this order form to get the healthiest food delivered to your home.

International Food

Fusilli / © Photograph by @lamonferrina

If you got stuck in Bogotá and miss some international food, here are some good options for ordering:

  • Mullen’s: The best German sausages. Ask about all their flavors at the number 3008160097.
    La Fonda Mexicana: The best spicy flavors. Call them at 3013153790 to ask about their best tacos.
  • La Monferrina: They have the freshest homemade pasta. Ask for their combos to prepare pasta on their Instagram.

Drinks for Relaxing

Goodies and delicacies products in Bogotá
Earl Grey Tea / © Photograph by @munayherbal

A cup of tea and a glass of wine are the perfect companions for the home office!

  • Banna Café: For coffee lovers, Banna Café supports fair and direct trade with coffee farmers. Write them for more information at 3503425296.
  • Munay Herbal: The creators of the best healing botanical blends. Perfect for relaxing. Ask for delivery at 3115484582.
  • De Raíz: More than a vegan restaurant, here you can find the best organic wines from around the world. Call them at 7568504 to ask about their seasonal wine.
  • Madriguera Brewing Co.: The most delicious craft beers from local producers. Whatsapp them at 3052921938 to enjoy a virtual beer with your friends.

This is the moment to support local producers. And with their products, you can even treat yourself a little bit at home with these goodies and delicacies products in Bogotá!

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