Casa de Extraños: A clandestine dinner in Bogotá

Entrance to Casa de Extraños

Casa de Extraños is a restaurant hidden in the historical neighborhood of Armenia in the center of Bogotá. On a fun night out, you will get to share a 5-course meal inspired by the 5 regions of Colombia with a bunch of strangers who might just end up becoming your best friends.

Many times we get caught up in routines; we go to the same places, at the same time, with the same people. Changing it up can be challenging and scary. What to try? Where to go? Who to go with? Casa de Extraños makes it nice and simple: you make a reservation for one or two people, show up, and let them handle the rest.

I know that the idea of sharing a meal with 10 to 20 strangers might sound like a bit too much for some. I have been there and I’m a total introvert, so I dragged a friend along and stuck with him for a while. But once the night started and everyone was sitting at the same table and digging into the same food, I wished I had talked to everyone the very second I walked through the doors, and I know you will too. 

The food

© Photograph by Paula Aponte

Colombia is a diverse country, which, thanks to its geography, produces different types of products and has different culinary traditions throughout the five regions that form it. Making the most of this, Casa de Extraños offers a 5-course set meal (all finger food, nothing too formal) that will let you experience the best of each region.

You start off in the central region of the Andes known for its mountains and cold climate which produces some of the country´s best tomatoes and cheese.

Next comes the region facing the Caribbean, famous for its seafood and one of Colombia´s all-time greatest treats: fried plantain.

Halfway through your night, you will be surprised with a region facing the Pacific Ocean. This is one of those zones that people generally don’t know much about, meaning that you will be served fruits and seafood you didn’t even know existed. 

Afterward is the Orinoquia or Eastern Plains, a place where most live from cattle raising. Here, you will experience a reinterpretation of a Colombian BBQ and I assure you, you will never want to go back to traditional BBQ.

The cherry on top of a unique experience is a dessert based on exotic fruits that only grow in the Amazon. At this point, you will be very full, but I swear it is worth it.

The place

Inside Casa de Extraños
© Photograph by Paula Aponte

Armenia is a historical neighborhood in Bogotá, known for its townhouses and bohemian vibes. Hidden in the middle of it, is a 5-story building, which, on the top floor, has an apartment which turns into this clandestine restaurant every Thursday and Friday.

The place has a great atmosphere, very cosmopolitan vibe and contrasts with its surroundings. Equipped with one long wooden table facing the kitchen, you will get to see all the behind-the-scenes as a bonus.

It is RSVP only, $110,000 COP for the whole experience! You can look them up on Facebook, Instagram, or Houspoon (a site that lets you know about gastronomical events happening near you). Alternatively, you can email them at casadeextrañ or Whatsapp them at +573175166233. They will give you the rest of the details.


My top suggestion would be to loosen up and mingle as much as possible! 

Food-wise, try everything and go on an empty stomach!!! By the way, the cocktails are just as innovative and tasty as the food.

Last but not least, if you are up for other groovy ideas, take a look at Andres Carne de Res, La Fama or Orso Heladería. Also, for other restaurant reviews, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Degusta as Espacios y Sabores.

Go! Meet new people! Explore all of Colombia in one meal! Have a fun night out and tell me all about it!

Bonus: They are trying out a new menu based on Monticello’s products (a pasta brand), so you could also ask them about that. 

Don’t forget to keep checking out the page for future articles.

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