Boho Food Market: 4,200 m2 of dining options under one roof

Bar at Boho

Within Usaquén lies a five-story building that has all types of cultural experiences, ranging from art to dining. Its main attraction: four floors worth of restaurants, food markets, bars, and coffee shops that are foodie heaven. This is Boho Food Market.

Boho is Colombia’s first and, for now, only food market. With cosmopolitan vibes and a hint of Colombian culture, it is an interesting mix worth visiting. Plus, it houses so many dining options that if you haven’t decided what you are in the mood for, you are sure to end up craving something.

The Food

Boho Food Market
© Photograph Paula Aponte

The cool thing about this place is that you can literally find anything you are looking for in terms of ambiance and gastronomy. The first floor is a gourmet food market with fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts by the pound and raw meats. This area is for those of you in the mood to shop for products you want to take home.

The second and third floors are dedicated to a wide variety of restaurants. Burgers, Italian food, Asian food, a seafood bar, traditional food, Spanish food, Nikkei food, BBQ, you name it and they probably have it. I must admit I have not tried all the options (there are sooo many) but my top recommendations are the baos (Chinese steamed buns) and the pizzas, both on the fourth floor. The different dining options range between $20,000 – $35,000 COP ($6 – $11 USD).

The last floor is truly the cherry on top and my favorite part of the building. This fifth floor of foodie heaven houses the cocktail bar (which is the cover image of this article), the dessert area, a terrace, and the wine and cheese bar. The desserts are from a French bakery called Bealé, which is truly authentic and has loads of fun cocktail options, although I’m more of a classic gin tonic kind of person and would totally recommend that option.

The Place

Boho Food Market
© Photograph Paula Aponte

This five-story building located in the neighborhood of Usaquen on Carrera Septima (Cra. 7 # 120 – 20) is reachable by public transport, uber, bike, scooter or really any means of transport. It is a huge building with loads going on, so I’m sure you won’t miss it.

The experience is divided vertically by floors. If you enter via Carrera 7, you will find yourself in a shopping center kind of place with a handful of stores. For the gastronomical experience, you will want to head a floor up. You can also come in through Carrera 6 and enter the gastronomical market directly. 

The first floor of the gastronomical experience comes with a large open terrace for events, some cafés, and an absolutely amazing gastronomical market very much like the ones you can find all over Spain. This floor makes the shopping experience truly pleasing with wide spaces, tall roofs, and various food pit stops.

The following two floors are dedicated to a large list of restaurants that surround some designated dining areas. These have small tables and tall bars to choose from.

The last floor and my personal favorite to spend time in has a variety of different ambiances: a covered terrace with an amazing view of the mountains, a wine, and cheese bar with a cozy and chic atmosphere, and an inside area with a stage (they have live music on weekends).


  • Boho Food Market an amazing option for large groups because everyone will surely find something they are into.
  • If you go on a Sunday, you can make the most of the neighborhood and visit the local weekend flea market.

Last but not least, if you are up for other groovy ideas, take a look at Kokoa or Demente. Also, for other restaurant reviews, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Degusta as Espacios y Sabores.

Go and indulge in foodie heaven! 

Bonus: They have cultural events that they always announce on their Facebook page.

Don’t forget to keep checking out the homepage for future articles.

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