Best pizzas in Bogotá: five unmissable pizzerias to enjoy

pizzerias in bogotá

Pizzas are meals that are perfect for almost every occasion. They range in all types and sizes, but there is nothing like a thin crust brick oven pizza. With that being said, I have made a list of the best pizzas in Bogotá that you can find in five unmissable pizzerias.

Mr. Romano

Their motto is “comfort food done right,” and they truly do make amazing pizzas. Having only opened a couple of months ago, this place has quickly become very popular and gets pretty packed at lunch times on weekdays. The chef and owner went from working in Michelin star restaurants to coming back to his home country and creating this minimalistic and modern pizzeria. On the menu you will find pizzas, salads, and desserts. The place has a clean design with a couple of tall tables for small groups and one large table. The people are really kind, and prices are around $25,000 COP ($7 USD).

Recommendations: all the desserts and the Quirino pizza.

A person sitting at a table with a plate of pizza in Bogotá

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© Photograph Paula Aponte


Julia is a pizzeria with locations in Zona T, Zona G, and Usaquen that is an absolute classic for brick oven pizza. The restaurant aims to be homey keeping things small with a couple of tables around a bar and the star of the show, the oven. Here you will find all the traditional options, nothing too exotic but all made with the finest ingredients which are what truly makes the difference. The servings are generous and pizzas are around $30,000 COP ($8.5 USD).

Recommendations: The caprese salad and the bresaola pizza.

A pizza sitting on a wooden table in a pizzeria in Bogotá
© Photograph Paula Aponte


Near Zona T and in Parque 93 is D’Amici, a pizzeria where you can personally choose the ingredients for your own meal. Well, almost. You go through a process of choosing which type of dough and toppings you want, so your pizza is completely personalized. The one in Parque 93 is part of Salvio, a groovy modern food court and the one in Zona T is an old house turned into a restaurant – it has a little terrace and a couple of indoor tables. The price depends on how creative you get but it will probably be around $25,0000 COP ($7 USD).

One of the best pizzas in Bogotá in D'amici
© Photograph Paula Aponte


On the first floor of an iconic house in Chapinero Alto lies Indio, a brick oven pizzeria with a personality of its own. This Bauhaus building was designed by Victor Schmid in the 50s as a family home. Today it is an apartment building with a gastronomic gem on the first floor. This hipster restaurant has two spaces: an indoor area with a brick oven and a charming terrace perfect for a sunny afternoon. Their pizzas are amazing, and they have funky starters and cocktails to go with them. The staff is very kind and the prices are around $30,000 COP ($8.5 USD).

Recommendations: Mango and spinach salad and the Nutella pizza with gin ice-cream.

Best pizzas in Bogotá
© Photograph Paula Aponte


Castanyoles is the restaurant in the Four Seasons – Casa Medina. They have an extensive menu with all types of foods (everything is amazing), but if you ask for the bar menu, you will find less fancy dining options like pizzas and sandwiches. Honestly, everything is amazing, the portions are really generous, and the staff is beyond amazing. The place is a classic house turned into a five-star hotel, the main restaurant is in what was once a patio, now a spacious area around the bar and perfect for a sunny day. If you are looking for a quieter area, go for the outdoor terrace. Prices are around $30,000 COP ($8.5 USD).

Recommendations: Give the gin and tonics a try and the seafood pizza. 

Best pizzas in Bogotá
© Photograph Paula Aponte

BONUS: Stromboli

Stromboli is a restaurant in Quinta Camacho inspired by the best pizzerias in Chicago and serves deep-dish pizza. They are definitely not your traditional pizzas but are totally worth trying. If you do go, they also have interesting starters like Paipa cheese with uchuva sauce. 

Pizzerias in Bogotá
© Photograph Paula Aponte

Last but not least, if you are up for other groovy ideas, take a look at Kokoa or Demente. Also, for other restaurant reviews, you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Degusta as Espacios y Sabores.

Go and indulge in the best pizzas in Bogotá!

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