Liberatrix: cocktail bar in Bogotá you definitely have to try

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Are you looking for a good cocktail bar in Bogotá? I have the perfect place for you: an amazing and original bar I am sure you will love! Keep reading and you`ll find out why…

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail bar where you can chill, enjoy good music, and experiment with different mixtures and new cocktails? Liberatrix is just that; a perfect little bar in Bogotá you definitely have to try if you want to experience something new and fresh.

Why Liberatrix?   

Its name comes from Manuelita Sáenz, a hero of Colombian independence and lover of Simón Bolívar; an independent woman known as “the liberator of the liberator.” and a prominent character to whom the owner of this bar wanted to pay tribute. So,, it is a well-thought out place with a story to tell.

This bar is run by a true cocktail expert who’s passionate, so you can expect the greatest combinations and a very interesting menu. If you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to talk a little with him; he will tell you his story and the one of the bar, and if you tell him a little bit about you, he will prepare a special cocktail just for you, which will match your tastes and mood. The first time I went, for example, he made a gin cocktail for me, with green apples and lemon. It was perfect for me and for the moment!

Also, one of my favorite characteristics of this place is that every juice or product needed for the cocktails is prepared fresh, so for example, if you order the mojito, it will not be prepared with regular sugar; it will be made with sugar cane smashed right after you ordered.

Additionally, this place is super cozy, with comfortable spaces, armchairs, tables, and chairs of different styles and a very relaxed but classy atmosphere. It is perfect for a casual afternoon drink with friends or a cocktail night out.

My top 3 cocktails

© Photograph by Liberatrix on Instagram

So, I have spoken wonders about this place, but to really convince you, I’ll share my top 3 cocktails:

  • Un amigo fiel: “a loyal friend,” this cocktail is made with the typical Colombian hard liquor called “aguardiente” (a schnapps made from anise), liqueur 43 and grapefruit. It is a refreshing cocktail, but with an intense anise flavor. It is the perfect cocktail for you to try aguardiente for the first time or, if you already know it and you like it, it is the perfect cocktail for you regardless. Price: $25,000 Colombian pesos ($ 7.50 USD)
  • Atención Tierna: “attention earth,” this one is made with martini bianco, aperol, disaronno amaretto, orange, and lemon.  It is a very refreshing and citrus cocktail. The liqueur flavor is much less strong than the previous one. In fact, be careful with this one, because it goes down so well that it can be dangerous if you drink it as if it were a juice. Price: $27,000 Colombian pesos ($ 8 USD)
  • Amor Puro y Culpable: “pure and guilty love,” this one has bulldog gin, aperol, dry vermouth martini, black tea, and peychauds bitters. To be honest, I’m a gin person, so this is one of the reasons I love this combination, but besides that, it is a really strong-flavored cocktail, bitter and sweet; it will surprise you for sure.  Price: $35,000 Colombian pesos ($ 10.50 USD).

Last recommendations

Are you excited about visiting this place? You will love it! Just a few things you have to know before going and you’ll be ready.

You can find Liberatrix at Calle. 77a #12-26, near Zona Rosa, one of the busiest and most famous nightlife areas in Bogotá (if you want to go party after a few drinks at Liberatrix, this other article is for you). It is easy to arrive here by bus from the north on Carrera 11 or from the south on Carrera 15, or by taking a taxi or an Uber (these articles can help: Transportation in Bogotá: Basics for Navigating the City!, UBER in Colombia: An Easy Guide to Know How it Works, Getting Around the City: Tips for Taking a Taxi in Bogotá)

This place is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 5 pm to midnight. On Friday, they are open until 1 am. You can give them a call first to be sure they are open or to make a reservation at this number: +57 530-0316.

Last but not least, be ready to enjoy a great atmosphere, delicious cocktails, and to be pleasantly surprised in this very original place!

Also, read our article about typical Colombian alcoholic drinks and their recipes. And if you are looking for more fun in the city, head to an escape room and enjoy!

Bonus: there is an amazing taco place next door called “El Pantera,” perfect for eating something during or after cocktails. But that’s a topic for another article. Which are your favorite cocktail bars in Bogotá? Which of my top 3 cocktails would you like to try? Let me know in the comments! And go to our website to find out more about the amazing places you have to visit in Bogotá.

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